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Thursday, 11 October 2007

GCSE Ceremony later

You may be confused why this is such an early post.  Frankly, I am too.

... That is until I remember what's going down tonight.  Yes, it's a shooting.


Nah, I'm joking with ya.  It's the Wintringham (which is now: 'Oasis Academy: Wintringham' which is think is a sucky name) GCSE Certificate-giving Ceremony event.  Ok, so maybe I don't know the actual name of the whole event; all I know is be there at 7:30.  Scat.

What does scat mean actually?  Nevermind.

But if the ceremony is going to be like anything that's in my head, tonight's going to be a helluva night.  Distressingly though, things never ever turn out like they do in my head.  And I think one day I'll set out to change that.  But for today (and probably for a few more years) I cba.  By the way, the scenario in my head: I go home with a bunch of prize money.  What for?  Hell if I know.

Well, this post is really because I'll either forget or cba to do a post later today after the ceremony.  But who knows?  Maybe I will.  Maybe I won't.  Maybe Gavin will.  Maybe Kate will.  We'll all see in due time.

Well let's talk about my day.  Why is this bringing back memories of talking to my psychiatrist? 

Maths and Computing this morning was not really anything special.  Basically quite a few laughs.  But at the end of the maths lesson, we somehow managed to start talking about Google.  The teacher started it off by trying to show that practically the whole world revolves around maths (which it doesn't).  She was saying that Google uses maths and stuff for searches.  And I manage to dish out the world 'Algorithms'; a word I haven't used in decades.

Then I surprised myself with the expansive knowledge I had about Google.  I explained how they log your IP and stuff when you search for something and they store it in their database; if the police asks for it they are allowed to take the information back out of the database.  I also touched upon the work ethic over at their California-based HQ (in Mountain View - scenic name, right?).  Well, it's possibly the best place to work ever.  Period.

Don't believe me?  Then watch this video:

See what I mean?

I wouldn't mind working for Google.  *hint hint* Got that Google?


Then in the maths lesson in the afternoon I saw Phil.  Lewis' brother.  He had to do a self-assessment thing or something.  Turns out we had to do it too.  Which I suppose, is better than work.  It's for the review day coming up int Thursday - which doesn't really bother me.  It just means an extra day of no-work.  Which is good.  Kez (or Kieron) also decided that he had enough of Further Maths.  So, he is the first casualty of this maths vs brain war.  For him, the brain lost.

It was also a funny lesson because Richard couldn't do Statistics.  It was one of those things were you had to be there to understand the hilarity of it.

At the very end of the lesson we did a bit more self-assessment in the form of 4 questions:

  1. What have you found difficult so far?
  2. What topics have you enjoyed?
  3. What have you disliked?
  4. What would you do different?

I'm unsure on whether the 3rd one was actually that, but it's close enough.  Unsurprisingly my answers seemed to revolve around not having enough biscuits and such.

Then I managed to flaunt my 16 GCSE; 13 As status in front of a few people.  Which is always awesome.

That's about it for this post.  But there is a possibility of a later post tonight.  So watch out for that.

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