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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

New Banner, New Wallet!

Ok, sorry about not posting for... a few days.  I cba to check how long it's been.

It's just that I've been really busy lately.  What with going to Birmingham tomorrow, a bunch of work for College to do over the holiday and, of course, Zelda.  Seeing as it's a portable game; I can play it anytime, anywhere (no, seriously.  While eating dinner, watching TV, even in the Bathtub! scratch that last one).  So I've been taking it slow, finding all the treasures etc. before moving along with the story.  And it's really enjoyable, I think I'm near the end since I've been everywhere and just lacking one thing to defeat the ultimate boss.  We'll see though.

Ok, moving onto other stuff.

Yes, as you may have noticed a new banner is up!  Yipee!  Made by yours truly.  And I've got to say, I'm rather proud of it.  It took me about half an hour to do, which I took out of my busy schedule - *ahem* basically when I was suppose to be working.

If you're wondering on what the font is... I can't remember.  I do remember where the picture came from.  The awesome anime of:  Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.  Which I recommend to anyone interested.

If you're lazy (like me :P) or a general ass (like an... well: ass) then here's the banner:

Awesome, right?  And to think I knocked that up in half an hour.  I'm rather proud of myself.

Because we all need a little luvin' sometime.


And with the announcement of a new banner comes a new wallet!  For me anyway.  I finally, finally, finally got round to getting a wallet.  I was holding out for finding an awesome one - at one point, my sister tried to find a Final Fantasy VII wallet for me... and failed... miserably.  And the one I've got is actually quite awesome.


And no, I'm not pulling your leg (metaphorically speaking).  Here's a picture:

Pretty nice, right?  Ok, you may have noticed some Nickel plated rivets, but that doesn't count.

I hate to say that it seems like I'm advertising for them... but hey, I don't care.  I like it, and so should you.  If not then... prepare to receive some serious torture...  yeouch.

Here's the actual information from their webpage, concerning the above product:


Ducti Original Triplett Wallets
Yes we know most wallets are a bit poncey, dull and corporate - not the Ducti Triplett, our famous Tri-Fold Wallet. Holds eleven credit cards along with id and a stash of cash.
A silvery slice of industrial chic!
This is an Original Handmade Ducti constructed from 100% Super Duct Tape™.

  • 100% Duct Tape Construction
  • Nickel plated rivets for added durability
  • Space for 11 cards
  • Large cash dispenser
  • Lifetime Trade in Policy
  • Size: H 11cms W 8cms Open 24cms

Thanks for packing a DUCTI... and remember, follow your dreams and KEEP IT TOGETHER!


Another good reason I bought it was because it happened to make me laugh.  I'll type out what it says on the blurb(?) to show you what I mean: Allow me to go one step further!  I've scanned in the whole back of the product thing:

Actually just in case, I'll type out the blurb anyway.  Since I'm such a nice guy, and some of you may have images turned off... or something.  Or you may be blind, who knows?

Deep in the Black Forest is a legend of a man, with magical powers to bring ancient machines to life and young women to their knees.  We've named this wallet after him because he's a man's man and a woman's answer to prayer (uh... just in case you're wondering, yes, he did write that introduction... and no, his wide didn't see it.)  You see, not being experienced in the ways of manufacturing, Bill stepped in - and with the sheer force of his incredible will - guided us through the blackness into the light.  To Bill Triplett... may your stature and your stories always be larger than life.

Awesome, right?  That's what corporate manufacturers are missing nowadays.  A sense of humour.

Anyway, I'll leave you with the link to their website while I lavishly stroke my duct-tape made wallet.  And guess what?  It feels... duct-tapey... yet so good...


It's definitely worth a look, seeing as they have some pretty cool stuff there.

Just for the record:  I'm not being paid for this.

If I was I would write it out so Ducti would be the equivalent of Jesus or something... wait, that was a bad example since I'm not a Cristian...

Lemme try that again:  If I was being paid... I would shed light on Ducti like it was equivalent to CHUCK NORRIS.

*hint hint* *nudge nudge*  Make sure someone sends this to the dudes who own Ducti... or Bill Triplett he sounds like an awesome guy.

And so ends our world-wind tour of new stuff.  And because I was in a procrastinating mood last time (more than I am now, anyways) I didn't do the story.  So... enjoy it now:


Everyone sat down in their places.  And all was quiet until Gavin & I (not us... but them) stood up and started to explain the situation.

My look-a-like started first:  'Ok, as you may be aware we're you.'  He said, pointing at me.  I nodded subconsciously.  'That's a given.  But now let us explain WTF is happening.'

Now Gavin's look-a-like took over:  'You may be aware of the fact that there are alternate dimension, right?'  That was a rhetorical question.  'Well, all these worlds/dimensions spin on an axis.'

'The pillar of life.'  Said Ivor - in his distinctly Russian accent.

'Yes, thank you Ivor.  The pillar of life.  And right in the middle spins a world different to all the others...'

'The key world.'  My look-a-like added.  'The world where history is written and lost.  In this world, once something is erased there is no going back, and that thing is also lost in all other worlds.'

'Wait lemme guess.'  I cut in curiously.  'We're in this key world, aren't we?'

'Yes.  The very world that holds the door to your futures.'  My look-a-like replied.

'WOAH WOAH WOAH!  Slow down there cowboy.'  Lewis voiced loudly.  'All this talk about worlds and doors!  Cut to the chase.  Why are we here?!'

For once Lewis made a helluva lot of sense.

'A good question.'  Lewis' look-a-like replied.  He stood up and started to walk around the table.  'You see, this key world is the key to all existence.  Hence the name.  But now, something is threatening that existence.  The very existence required for all forms of life, in EVERY WORLD to survive and prosper.'

'The dark nemesis.'  Ivor butted in again.  He sat tall, easily towering over everyone sat at the table.  The bright room displayed all his rough features in full effect.  His blonde, rugged hair looked like he hasn't washed in a while.  A menacing scar also run through the right side of his face, passing through his right eye-lid.

My look-a-like began to speak once again.  The way this talk was set out sounds like it was choreographed - but knowing me, and trust me: I know myself well, this is all done on the fly.  'The dark nemesis.  Marodeth.'

No one spoke at this moment.  I could hear others inhauling and exhauling.

Finally Gimely broke the silence.  'Marodeth?  What kind of name is that?'

'His name represents true evil in this world and possibly all the other worlds as well, although his influence on other worlds may not be so greatHe lives in the kingdom to the West, in what seems like a totally different world.  And only us four from our kind have truly set-foot on that desolate and monster-filled cesspool of a wasteland.'

'You've been there?'  I asked.

'Yes.  In an attempt to banish the Marodeth into the etheral realms of the dead.  We failed.  His strength over-powered all of us, he feeds of the hate and anger of the people.  We only manage to reach the front gate of his castle.'

'It was a wonder we made it back alive.'


A new enemy!  This one sounds a lot more powerful!

I made deliberately made it longer to make up for the lack of posts lately.

And I should have a post tomorrow, since I'm going to Birmingham.  Yay!

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