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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

The 2nd video is among us!

Yes, I have officially finished messing around with the 2nd video. And boy was it fun to do. As you can tell by the GIF I posted yesterday it's going to contain some dancing action. Oh yea...

As I write, it's being uploaded to Google Video and YT for your viewing pleasure.

But just to make you wait... let's talk about my day.

I had maths this morning and we did some stuff... maths stuff. It's no longer that fun anymore since the awesome table has been disbanded into two. Damn. But oh well, life goes on for the rest of us.

Then it was Computing. Which was actually kinda fun. I'm actually enjoying using VB (despite the college only providing and teaching using VB6 - whereas they could get the newest version of VB free) and the social atmosphere in Computing is also very laid-back.

But the one lesson that takes the cake for being laid-back is media. Oh yes. Not to say that we don't have much to do, but we (as in me and Kenny) spent about 15/20 minutes talking to this technician guy (whose name I don't know) about Halo 3. Then we talked about video games in general. There were some genuinely funny bits during the conversation that I feel is my public duty to share with you guys:

TD (Technician Dude): I don't really like Halo.

Me: What?! How can you not like Halo?

TD: Well, I played the first two and I was like 'meh...' but I haven't played the third one yet.

Me: Wait, so your telling me you don't like Halo.

TD: Pretty much.

Me: How can you not? Shooting dudes in the face. Good. Blasting aliens into oblivion. Good. Dual-wielding. Awesome. Energy Sword... gooooooood.

TD: I hate it mostly because of the smack-talking 12 year old American kids across XBL, who tend to use voice-masking which makes their words incomprehensible.

Me: .... Ah touché.

As you can see we had some rather hysterical moments. He also said that he was concentrating on BioShock and that he was close to completing it. And my immediate response was: 'You took your sweet-ass time.' LMAO, the look on his face was priceless. It's only comparable to someone being b*tch-slapped repeated by a wet-dead-tuna fish.

I also stated a point that they should have gaming consoles in Franklin College Media Department (just like they do in Grimsby College) so that we could *ahem* experiment with gaming media and sh*t. You get the idea. I even threw in some college rivalry e.g. You know Grimsby College have gaming consoles in their media department... He agreed fully with my idea and said that he'll look into it. It'll be sweet if we actually get some.


Sorry for that sudden outburst but I just noticed that the Google Video upload totally bailed on me. So it's all down to the YT video now since I cba to try and upload it back onto Google Video.

So, just bear with me...

Hooray! It's done! Although at this current time it still needs processing, so if you're here and it's not ready; just check back later.

Direct Link.

Yes, I know I know. There are some mistakes in the subtitling but you can't blame me... well, you can but I'd rather you not. So just ignore these little kinks and enjoy the video. I know I sure did. I reckon it's totally awesome.

The only thing that could have made it better was... you can probably guess...

Anyway, I'd like some feedback on these videos. Do you like them? Hate them? Suggestions for improving etc. Most important are the suggestions and be sure to say what you like/dislike about them so I can correct them in future iterations in moving media.

Story time. FINALLY.

Gavin took his sweet-ass time posting. So much for 'tomorrow morning' lol. Anyway, let's get it started.


A title has been officially selected and the winner is... *drum roll please*


In commemoration of this iconic event I have...


Woot... ok, maybe not so awesome. Since I knocked it up in about 10 minutes. Still quite good though.


The weight of the Strogl were unbearable. Any other normal human being would be crushed under their weight by now. But a special technique that was taught to us by the clan allowed us to spread our weight (this technique also allowed us to run on water) therefore keeping us alive. The Strogl that was holding me down kept his hand on the back of my neck. Forcing my face into the ground, and subsequently meant that if I try anything funny... and my head will be gone.

The Strogl allowed me to turn my head sideways and look at the upcoming battle. The Lewis of the past vs the Lewis of the future... interesting. The following battle will be pivotal to mankind's existence. We've got to win.

Lewis held his sword up and charged. Evil Lewis dodged easily and pushed him aside if he was nothing. But that little push sent Lewis flying towards the outer wall. Blowing up a bunch of grayish looking smoke. When the smoke had cleared Lewis has stood back up. There was an injury to his head, just above his left eye. I could see the blood slowly dripping into his eyes, yet he did not falter. He charged again only to be met by the same fate.

Yet he did not give up. By the 10th time I couldn't take it anymore. And by the looks of it...

Lewis couldn't either.

His breathing was heavy and his whole body was shaking - probably because of the influx of adrenaline. An injury to his right arm meant he didn't have the power to hold the sword properly anymore (let alone wield it to dish out some damage). Things are not looking good...

'Heh... Lewis... it's that all you got?' I said forcefully with my left cheek to the ground. I felt the Strogl's grip tightening behind my head. 'I thought I knew you man... I didn't think you'd give up so easily.'

'What?! I haven't given up yet!' Lewis screamed towards me. The outburst caused the Strogl's grip to loosen slightly since it was shaken by the words.

That's it carry on! Just a bit more.

The Strogl's grip was slowly loosening. Then it stopped. Damn, so close. I began laughing.

'What's so funny?' Evil Lewis asked with a quizzical twitch on his left eye-brow.

I didn't say anything. I just continued to laugh. The Strogl holding my head grew scared, I could feel it. But I just needed him to loosen his grip some more. I laughed louder, and louder. Until it roared throughout the cabin.

Evil Lewis had finally realised. 'Quick! Break his neck!' But it was too late...

I sprung up, throwing the Strogl off my back. The suddenness of this action cause the other Strogl to fear and Gimely and Gavin took their chance and retaliated. They instantly knew what they had to do: Protect me for a few seconds.

I chanted out: 'O Lord of Darkness. Ancient Evocation of the Three Sleeping Spirits of Flesh. The Invocation of Hopelessness and greed. Lost Sacrifice of the Ghastly Princess. The Sacrifice of the Monoliths of Darkness. Grant me the allowance to the Rite of Hateful Wraiths among the Working of the Bane of Aeons through Transfiguration of the Blind God... I SUMMON THEE: INCANTATION OF THE TWELVE FLAMED DJINNI LORDS OF PAST,PRESENT AND FUTURE.



What happens after I chant such a long sentence. And as you can see it's bound to be awesome since it's so long. So you just wait and see.

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