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Saturday, 27 October 2007

MP3 Impressions

Awesome.  Absolutely awesome.

Definitely the definitive game to showcase the Wii's FPS control scheme(yet anyway).  Everything feels so good and natural.  It looks AMAZING.  The boss fights are AMAZING.  The puzzles are AMAZING.  The audio/music/voice-work is AMAZING.

Hell, there's not much I can find that's bad about Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.  I can only nit-pick a few things, and most of these things have nothing to do with the game whatsoever.  So, here are all the bad things I can think of:

  1. It took about a month to reach Europe.  Nintendo still seems oblivious to the option of SIMULTANEOUS WORLD-WIDE RELEASES.  Well, at least it's better than Super Paper Mario.
  2. I haven't been able to play it that much since my sisters have been using the Wii a lot.  Stupid women.
  3. No multiplayer.  Not that big of a deal for me since Metroid has always been a single-player at heart.  But ever since playing Metroid Prime: Hunters on the DS, I've been yearning for a multiplayer Metroid on the Wii.
  4. If you've played the previous Metroid games, there's not much new to this sequel (except, obviously, the revolutionary controls, voice-acting etc.) and in addition, things seemed to have been "dumbed down" a little for the more casual gamer.  But that is eradicated through the harder difficulty modes.

And now, on a more positive note.  Here are some of the good things (I can't note all of the good things):

  1. Awesome controls.  If you haven't read this somewhere already: to open certain doors and pump things etc.  you actually do the corresponding actions with the Wiimote.  Not a big thing, but certainly adds a helluva lot to take you into the game.  And the satisfaction of removing a enemy's shield using Samus' grapple hook, then blasting it into oblivion never gets old.
  2. It looks awesome.  The visuals are among the best (if not the best) visuals I've seen in a Wii game yet.
  3. The atmosphere the game creates suits it perfectly.  Making the experience just that much more engrossing.
  4. Boss fights.  I can't say too much without spoiling a helluva lot.  But to understand how I feel about this... you've actually got to participate in one.  Trust me, it's worth it.
  5. Easily better than the previous Metroid games of this trilogy.  Nuff said.
  6. The story weaves an intricate web of... well, story.  And the addition of voice-work in cinematic sequences adds so much more to the overall experience.  Take note Nintendo, voice work in other games please!  Even if Samus doesn't talk herself (although she does provide a seemingly endless amount of grunts and groans), but I kinda like it like that.

There are probably some more pros I could come up with, but it's not the time nor place to do it... and because I'm simply procrastinating.

Anyway, my final verdict:


Obviously, if you're like my friend:  Ashley - who happens to dislike Metroid games, *gasp* blasphemy!  Kill the heathen!, then maybe you shouldn't buy it.  But I don't see why you would hate Metroid games... I should ask him sometime.

No reply back from Ducti yet.  In case you're wondering.  Maybe they get a lot of mail that takes some time to sort through... or maybe they're just plain lazy.  Who knows?

But I'm not to bothered, I have my wallet to keep me company.

Well, apparently I'm going to a Halloween Party.  When?  On Halloween (31st October), of course, dumbass.

Technically I shouldn't be going, since it's a rival college.  But hey, do I look like someone that cares?

If you answered 'Yes' you might as well make yourself comfortable at the Naughty Corner now.

Also, I'm sure I was told that it was fancy-dress.  So I'd need to dress up to get inside.  Gavin or Ashley, I forget :P, had a stroke of genius and said the three of us should go as characters from: 'Battle Royale' the movie.  Which I recommend to anyone who loves films.

It was an ingenious idea since I could just wear my old school uniform, slash some fake blood on it and carry a pan lid to the party (you'd get that joke if you've watched the film).  Sadly, there's some problems with that.  For starters, I can't find a clean white shirt (my last one was graffitied into the 7th Level of Hell,  remember?).  Secondly, I'm unsure whether my old black trousers fit me and I can't find a tie.

I know I could probably easily remedy this situation through buying them, but you know what I'm like.  What's the point of buying it if I'm just going to wear it for one night and then throw it to the back of my wardrobe to gather dust mites on?  Answer:  There isn't a point.  Hell, I don't even know where points came into the subject matter.

But after a little IM conversation with Daisy, not that long ago in fact, I may not have to.  You can see the important part of the conversation below:

- John©® *naf
actually i hav no idea wots happening that night


- John©® *naf
lol, im not even sure wot im goin as

I'm notdressing up

- John©® *naf
apparently me, gav and ash are meant to dress up as something

- John©® *naf
wait... i thought u need to dress up to get into the party



- John©® *naf
... dont u?

don't think so :S

I'll ask the tech

- John©® *naf
u do that

Everything might be solved!  Hooray!  But there's also another problem...

I have college the day after... which means that if I get wasted out of my mind then I'm going to have a really horrible day the day after the party.  So, I have to limit myself (which anyone knows, is pretty damn hard) to a few drinks only.  So I don't have a hangover & a hell of a headache the following day.  Unlike Kate's party, which I felt like sh*t for a few days afterwards... but the lack of sleep didn't help either.

While we draw ever closer to Halloween I'll like to rant about one thing:


Don't get me wrong.  I love Christmas -I think it's one of the most awesome festivals of the year.  But come on!  It's OCTOBER.  THAT MEANS IT'S HALLOWEEN MONTH.  NOT BLOODY 'GET READY FOR XMAS MONTH.'  I hate how retailers are already stocking up on Xmas stuff.  It really gets on my nerve.  I wouldn't mind if it was after Halloween, but before?!  That's outrageous.  I think we should take one festival at a time.

Retailers take note:


Good advice there.

And I'll leave you with this picture courtesy of Steve's Blog:  The Sneeze.

Yes, it's the butt-crack of the 'Humpkin.'  More info about it can be found here:  The Humpkin

To be honest, I should be doing my media essay now instead of posting on my blog.  But I can't find a suitable 'media text' -basically: advert- to analyse.  Until now...

I was downstairs not long ago and saw this advert on TV.  And instantly, I knew it was THE ONE.  It just clicked.

 Believe in a Hero.

Awesome advert.  I'm definitely writing about that.

This long post is topped off by:


a permanent improvised on-the-spot story-driven/telling feature on this blog.  Enjoy.


'That's...  that's...'  I stared into the pale, faint glow that was emitting from the open bag.  'an orb.'

Inside the bag sat a solitary orb, of a unique grayish colour.  There was nothing particular special about it, but when I looked closer... swimming inside the orb was wisps of darker gray.  It was sort of entrancing, like I was watching the creation of universes.

'That saved you from certain destruction?!'  Gimely said with a loud outburst.

My other-worldly me explained:  'This is no ordinary orb.  It's one of the "Sacred Orbs."  In fact, we also suspect Marodeth has one.'

'Or many.'  Ivor enunciated his words in his distinct Russian tone.  Adding to the creepiness factor of the statement.

'And what, pray tell, do these orbs do?'  Gavin -my Gavin- asked curiously.  I don't blame him.  These orbs sound powerful and look to be a major help.

Gavin's from the other world replied.  'A variety of things.  From increasing the battle power of it's holder by a hundred-fold to raising the dead.  There are possibly hundreds of these orbs.  And new types are found everyday, but not all are useful in combat.'

'So, how did this one save you guys?'  I asked.  I was extremely interested in this unique ability since it could save such immensely powerful warriors (I like flattering myself) from death.

'This particular orb controls the dominion over space.'  Ivor said.  The four of us were scratching our heads now.  Dominion over space...?  'I'll explain further:  It's one of the so-called "Legendaries" a special set of orbs that have dominion over certain things.  Like the elements of fire, water et cetera.  This orb controls space; allowing us to warp the space around us and past through it as we please.'

'...  Er... You lost me at "Legendaries".'  Lewis said.  Frankly, neither of us understood it fully, but it looks like Lewis got hit by the whole damn stupid tree.

'It seems my friend here has complicated matters.'  Gavin -the other Gavin- stated.  'I'll explain it better.  Do you understand what I mean by Time & Space?'  We nodded.  'This orb grants dominion over space.'

'Ah...'  Rang out throughout the room.

'Then why don't we warp straight to Marodeth's castle and kick his ass now?!'  Gimely asked in a straight-forward matter.

'It doesn't exactly work like that...'

How does it work?

*shrugs*  The hell would I know.

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