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Thursday, 10 May 2007

Last official day... tomorrow!

First things first. I said about a College post but it didn't happen because we were to busy signing shirts and whatnot. Which brings us smoothly onto the next item on the agenda...

Signing shirts, yea, everyone's been doing it. Now, because I'm such an awesome person (in almost every way possible), I have made a video on YT showing my shirt. Originally, I wasn't going to get it signed but fate was against me today (Jamie & Daisy too). Everything was fine in Media and I had a nice,clean blank shirt. Then we walked into Business after we got let out early (hey, they were having a party. How could we not go?) and I [literally] got swarmed by them and shirt signing was all around.

Ok - so the video quality isn't that good but meh. You can probably guess what it says: 'Good Luck in College' 'Will miss you' 'Nice Ass' etc. etc.

The pens used where permanent markers, meaning it printed through the shirt and onto the skin. Sorry ladies, no video on that - I was going to originally but you have no idea who's watching nowadays... pedophile.

In other news today we played the Yr 9/10s at football again. At first it was 5 of us vs. 19 ish. Then 2 left and it was 3 against 19. We lost miserably. Just as we was going to pack our bags and go - *war horn sound* the cavalry arrives. Then we totally owned (ok, maybe not totally it was still 8/9 of us vs. 19). Then Lewis, one of the two that walked out, said: 'See, that's what I was going to do - get them here.' Yea, right. I'll believe that when pigs fly and cows rain on the sky and land in a cup.

Other than that there's not much else that happened today. But tomorrow we're going bowling (I use to be awesome at it, but ever since Wii Sports - my swing is totally wrong). Yea! Tomorrows the last official day!

Good bye and good night day.

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