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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Oak Apple Day...

Well, not much happened for me today. I stayed at home and decided not to do anything... was good. Woke up at 12ish, so I was earlier then expected. But apart from that not much happened. Oh well.

After messing around on Wikipedia for a while, it turns out today is:


I thought: 'Hmm... Oak Apple Day, that probably means food in some way. Maybe theres a possibility of a feast - unlike that stupid so-called feast day.'

*sigh* Turns out it's another crappy holiday. We have to many of these. It's suppose to 'commemorate the restoration of the monarchy in Britain and Ireland, in May 1660.'

Why the hell is it named Oak Apple Day? It's got nothing to do with Oak Apples - at least I don't think it does. Hey, don't expect me to do any research on this. I'm a very busy man you know - place to go, people to meet, food to eat etc.

In other news...
Smash Bros have updated their site and it's about something called: 'Final Smash'


The Final Smash is a secret skill that can be performed but once.and only after obtaining an item called the Smash Ball, which is a precious item indeed.

The basic gist of it? I suppose you could say it's kind of like a powerful and personalised hammer. (Or maybe not...)

You can look forward to experiencing the glowing personality behind each of the many Final Smashes!

Thats what it says anyway. Doesn't really explain anything. Luckily, they also updated showing the Final Smash for Mario (who else could it be? Had to be Mario).

Be sure to get this game when it comes out. SSBB is a guaranteed system seller! Heck, if Nintendo put out a slab of cheese and sold it as 'Super Smash Brothers Brawl' people would still buy it... in some way or another. You get what I mean anyway.

Here's also a webdoc for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Basically the game is made by a bunch of developers (that were probably high on something - like Zelda); who decided 'we should make it so Darth Vader has an [unknown] apprentice and give him awesome force powers!' Basically, you know how it goes from there...

If you wouldn't mind me adding it could be quite a good game - if, yes that dreaded word, if it's done properly. If you don't believe me check out the old Euphoria Engine Tech Demos:

What more do you want from videos like this?! Clone troopers (or whatever they are called nowadays) clinging onto each other for dear life, only to still fall to the ground and die! Then theres flying R2-D2s into a piece of wood! It's almost a game in itself.

Imagine a carnival scene...
Roll up, roll up! Throw R2 at a wooden wall or if you want throw troopers randomly into wooden beams. Yes! It's what you've all been waiting for!

On that insane note, thats it for today.

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