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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

College Post

After much consideration and encouragement by Mohammed El Diablo Cheeseman Lover Dude (aka Gavin) I have decided to blog at college. Because it just - generally - turns out funny.

Now, they're talking about Will burning his dick with deordrant (more on that story later). Before it was about the party that happened on Saturday night, and it sounded like a... a party. Booze, beer, alchohol and generally peeing no where near the toilet. And the occasionally breaking of doors I've heard. Now, I'm getting some ass-slapping, Alex on Ashley (2 guys). Ashley: 'I've still got the hand-print from Saturday. Some serious bondage, innit?'

Here is an actual chatscript:

Ashley: 'My parents were talking about Mexico being a family place - but their National drink is Tequila!'

Kris: 'Mexico is hell. According to South Park[or something].'


Daisy: 'Shut up now.'

No idea what that is about. But meh.

Gavin: 'Tom was dancing on the shed topless.'

Josh: 'Your sisters bed broke by the way.'

Daisy: 'She fixed it.'


Daisy: 'I was in my bedroom.'

Gavin & Ashley: 'With Mike. With the door locked.'

Daisy: 'We were just talking...'

Gavin: 'Yes, sure. Talking. I'm being sarcastic by the way.'

Ashley: 'We never heard any talking either.'

Daisy: 'It wasn't my fault. Mike locked the door...'

You can probably figure it out from there.

Now, before you go maiking some forgone conclusions. This is a college lesson, but Toby (DeJonge) is easy to take advantage of and generally leaves us to our own devices. That - mostly - means YT or MySpace or chatting.

Daisy: 'I woke up and the only thing I can remember is meeting you guys, then getting into a tent full of guys.'

Ashley: 'Oh yea. Then we tried to gang rape you. Good times...'

From what I've heard, 5 people are in therapy and 12 have been sent to a mental hospital because of that party. But I swear they lived there anyway.

I'm tired... so thats all for today.

1 comment:

gavin said...

haha, that party was fun, and yes sadly 5 were sent to therpy and 12 to a mental home, poor poor things

toby is has the best lessons cos we do fuck all in it =D


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