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Friday, 11 May 2007

Last official day... today, Bowling

Right, so here's the deal - today is the last official day of school for us (wOOt!). We had our first two lessons and then we had a motivational talk. Which I just have to rant upon; not about the speech because that was actually kinda
good. What I want to rant about is this: She held a 10 pound note out in her hand and said something like: 'Who will take the risk?' etc. etc. and then one dude (James Clayton) runs out and snatched it. I was like WTF?! How the hell - what the - OMFG - did that dude just get 10 pounds richer?! She could have given us a warning or something. She wouldn't even do it again. But anyway, kudos to James; kinda kudos to Charlie who was like - literally - milliseconds behind.

Anyway, then we went bowling. Which was cool. And this time, because I've been playing Wii Sports less, my swing wasn't totally messed up. Long story, but here is the super uber super special happy awesome short brief version: I went bowling after getting Wii and my bowling swing was totally *beep*ed.
But today, I was good - wait - great - no, awesome. I got 106, without barriers/bumpers or whatever they're called nowadays, and in the process of doing so I totally kicked everyone's asses I played with which include Gavin (Mohammed El.. yada yada... you know), Ashley (Frannie - long story, and long story short: don't say it) and finally Mr Monaghan (our science teacher - I think thats how to spell his name anyway :P). Yes, that's right, I beat our science teacher - not even the power of physics could help him when faced with the undeniably powerful super special happy awesome wrath of mine. Kudos to me.

~~~The difference between Wii bowling and RL bowling. Hard to tell the difference right? Right... ? Ok, so not the best picture on RL bowling. I blame it on Google Images (hey, thats what men do. Blame the equipment).~~~

But then in the second game my arm *beep*ed up (again?). And in doing so I only got 84(was it?) and didn't do so well. Oh yea, Danny Brown (the cripple - remember the dude who scored for us in football that time, yea him) scored 138, but I've got to make it clear that he used barriers/bumpers so that voids his score. That made me feel totally evil - which reminds me, it's about that time of the month where I engage in random maniacal laughter. I would also like to mention... er... what's his name, yea him, he managed to score an all-impressive, awe-inspiring, amazing (drum roll please) :-

That's right 17. I have no idea how the hell he got that low score but hell, it's low - so low in fact I swear it's lower than some of the IQ's of this blog's readers and thats low [I'm sorry, please keep reading my blog. I didn't mean to say it, I promise...]. Anyway, we also found out that the girls, generally, were crap at bowling too, like every other sport they partake in (NOTE: I am not being sexist, they really are. Plus I made a comment about men blaming stuff on their equipment before so, this evens out). I suppose Laura did quite well when taking Ashley's go (who hurt his hand bowling. LMAO! PWN3D! - Sorry, had to be said. But seriously, who hurts their hand from bowling?! It's like the lazy-mans sport), she knocked down 8 pins... I think; probably a fluke.

Anyway, good times. I had quite an eventful day. And NO MORE SCHOOL! But exams are just around the corner - looks like a lot of revision is coming my way *sigh*

Oh and lastly, to help our revision we have LETTs week (???, think thats it) which stands for Learning Enhancment... time-traviling? No... tea-taking... well anyway, you get it. The awesome thing is next Monday we get taught to sleep, yes, you heard it here - we get taught to sleep. Awesomeness right? Wrong, because on Wednesday (at least I think it is, cba to check) we have a 9 mile walk (cba to check again). To add insult to injury we have to answer questions as we walk! Oh the humanity.

Be sure to check out my blog tomorrow too. Because... not much is happening tomorrow.

Woah, I blogged more than I expected too. Dammit, my fingers have gone numb - ah, they just dropped off!
That was a joke by the way, so don't take it seriously.

EDIT: I just found out that I broke 300 pageloads. Yea! For hit counter (of doom)! Also, according to the stats some people from USA (from America) also read my blog. Hooray! For-global-access-of-internet-to-lay-mans-internationally-all-over-the-world-hooray-woot-awesome-ness-of-doom-OMFG-WTF-LMAO-LOL-WTF-moo! *breaths again*

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