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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

English Literature, ICT... and banana throwing.

Here's your daily fix... junkie:

Ok, so heres the deal. I woke up at 7, yes 7, for a revision session for English Literature. That revision session turned out to be more of a confidence booster than a revision session. You have no idea - I'm not joking here - how many times she said the words: 'Calm down. Don't Panic.' etc. Just for the record: I went because I did no/nil/nought/zero/0/nothing revision the night before; I was meant to... but didn't.
You: But-
Me: Don't say a bloody word.
You: Ok, I was just trying to-
Me: What did I say? Huh?
You: Sorry-
Me: Shut up!

The actual test was boring, yet again - but all tests are like that. I guess. We got out of the tests - boy, was that a relief - and we had time to kill, 2 hours in fact. Score.

So, we thought it would be a good idea to walk to McDonalds... which is in Town. About 20 minutes walk away. Damn, more walking. The group that ended up going was:

  • Me (If you don't know who I am... GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!) [<--Felt like it]
  • Gavin (you may know him as Mohammed El Diablo Cheeseman Lover Dude)
  • Ashley (the retard who broke his hand bowling, lmao)
  • Michael (spiky haired kid... who... er... erm... yea)
Well that was that. We got there and walked in. Damn, a long line. We saw Jack who also went in his 'Motorised Scooter' and was there 15 minutes before us... he was still waiting in line. We thought: 'Fu*k that' and walked off to Kendalls. There wasn't any line there. So we ordered and sat down, I got some free food of Ashley :). Until I noticed... there were... a lot of... old people. Actually, thinking back, they were all old people. We were the only (reasonable) young people there. We left, unsurprisingly.

We was walking back and decided to prank Kris. You know the traditional: 'Ring bell/knock on door and run away' type of thing. But it was not meant to be. He noticed Michael - stupid Mike - and was already at the door. I walked there and just as I was about to knock, Kris opened the door and came out. Plan ruined.

With that we walked back to school. We sat on the steps and decided to do some revision. We didn't. It turned into a mass brawl of throwing banana peels at each other Lewis. All because Tom was eating a banana and Lewis said: 'Don't you dare throw that at me...'

You had to be there to enjoy the hilarity of the situation. Lewis got ganged up upon and ran away and everything. Ah, the joys of study leave. Lewis got a stain on his trousers and managed to get a banana peel in Alex's bag. Good times.

But every good side, has a bad side. We had to do the ICT exam. I've finally figured out how long it takes for me to do tests. It takes a third of the time. I finished the 1 hr 30 mins test in 30 mins. And for the P.E. Exam I finished in 40 minutes and it was 2 hrs. The test was simple. It was the easiest thing ever... apart from, maybe, the PE exam. The Higher Tier was 1 hr 30 mins, but Foundation is 1 hr. WHAT?! <-- My reaction. Unfair, right? But let the good times roll, as HT got let out at the 1 hr mark if they finished. Huzzah!

The Smash Bros. Site is also up. The content on it is so... [insert random word of general coolness and awesomeness]... that it will blow your mind... dude. It has... it has... almost nothing. Sucks. But according to the notice, there will be: 'Daily Updates' Daily updates my ass. But I guess it's our own faults for building up the hype in the first place. *sigh*

Smash Bros Site

Sometimes, I don't even know why I bother.

Check back tomorrow for the awesome, mind-blowing, unique, one-in-the-lifetime, special, coolos mochos, uno grande, margarita... nothing. Yea, hype-buildage. wOOt.

Lmao, this video is funny. David Blaine. Everyones scared of him now.

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