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Friday, 4 May 2007

Spiderman 3

Well, I managed to tear myself away from the awesome game that is: 'Spiderman 3' for the Wii; to update my [super special awesome] blog; while my sisters are watching: 'Derren Brown: Trick or Treat.'

First things first (well, duh), Spiderman 3. What do I think of it? Because my opinion is so highly regarded on pretty much any aspect of life; I'm sure you agree - don't you? On second thoughts don't answer that, you'll ruin my superiority complex. Anyway - back to the matter in hand, Spiderman 3 for the Wii is awesome... There's not much I can say about it that will replace the feeling of swinging through the city (using flicking motions to shoot webs) and accelerating to a pace so frighteningly quick that it blurs your vision (or, just blurs the screen - but thats about the same thing). Being able to leap over buildings in a single bound, swing enemies round using your web (the moves called 'Web Rodeo' - no joke) and generally do some superhero stuff. Like turning over cars to rescue civilians - you do this by interacting with the car (by pressing A) and then shake the nunchuk & wiimote, up & down until Spiderman manages to turn over the car - this also happens for other stuff like opening crate doors etc.

Then, theres the black suit. What can I say about the black suit? Well, its black - but I'm sure you knew that already; it's mean-looking, totally bad ass and utterly amazing. Compared to the red & blue suit, the black suit is like a tank (metaphorically speaking) - you jump from buildings and when you literally break the ground, your attacks become aggressive - and theres nothing like the blackness coming in from the peripheral of the screen. Because changing into black suit is easy (left or right on the D-pad), but changing back... thats a totally different story. You got to pull off a serious of movements with the nunchuk & wiimote, when there is more 'blackness' then theres more moves to do etc. Now, it may not be that hard to do when your just stood there on your own. But, try doing in a crowd of people who are generally trying to kill you, even when you are pulling of the moves they can still hit - that is bad, very bad. Causes the black suit to take over again - so, basically, you just lost life & didn't manage to change into the red & blue suit. Oh, and did I mention - the 'blackness' is still there seeping slowly into the middle, affecting your vision and can eventually cause you to black out (blackness > black out, get it? ... *sigh* nevermind). But, I've heard that eventually the red & blue suit surpasses the black suit once you've upgraded to a certain point, so near the later parts of the game the suit might become useless but I'll guess I'll need to find out.

Next, the city & environment. It is massive, 2.5 times bigger than in Spiderman 2 I've heard (maybe not as big as on other next-gen consoles, but still pretty dang big). The graphics are good, obviously not as good as the 360 or PS3 graphics but they are fine and gives a smooth frame rate. When playing this, it made me think of 'The Godfather' game I played not long ago. There are 4 gangs (and the police) each taking over sections/blocks or whatever and you generally go in, kick some gang asses and help the police out. Occasionally, you get a message that pops up: 'City Alert' these most are the time are mainly just an annoyance, since the enemies you fight are... what's the word... crap. Maybe, it's to emphasise the fact Spiderman is totally awesome & badass and normal criminals cannot contend with him or maybe it's just lack of imagination by the developers, I'll never know. Oh, and for people who have played Spiderman 2, the annoying kid with the balloon is not in the game, I repeat not in the game.

Now onto the 'cinematives.' These generally happen in boss fights and what not, and they generally work quite well. There was a bit when I was fighting a giant lizard creature (who was originally Doc Conners, but turned bad due to his regeneration serum) and I pressed A to get onto his back and did movements to cover his eyes and ride him, in a none gay way, like a horse and had to use the control stick to stay on and force him into the generators. At just the right moment, my sister stepped in and this is exactly what she said: 'Holy cow, how the hell did you do that? That was totally awesome, because of that you can have some cake.' Ok, ok maybe I added the bit about the cake but I like cake, so meh.

Finally, villains. So far, I've met the Symbiote, Lizard dude (or man), and the vampire dude (think his name is Morbieus or something, I forget). I've also seen the 'Sandman' when he's not... sand... but just 'Brock.' I've also liked the scenes in the Daily Bugle office and just randomly reading some prints on the wall; so far my favourite has got to be: 'Holy Cow' which includes a cow photo underneath. I can tell you that was a lot more funnier than I described.

Overall, Spiderman 3 is an awesome game, almost (if not) in the 'Super Special Awesome Category.' And I recommend anyone who has a Wii to buy this, liking Spiderman also helps make this game more appealing.

OMFG. Sorry about that. What was meant to be a brief description of my experience with Spiderman 3 turned out into a full-fledged review. Well, thats about it for today. Now, just 21 days until Mario Strikers Charged!

I'm kind of reluctant to add this in, but we got stuffed again in football today. In our defense (mine & every Yr 11 who played), it was about 10 of us verses 30 of them, and they only won by about 5 - 3 (funny because all the 3 goals were scored by our 'resident cripple' Danny who broke his arm). And also a Yr 8 happened to also gift the ball to them for the 3rd goal, but we rose above that... and let 2 more in. At least I managed to annoy quite a lot of people by literally 'being everywhere.' And Tom Belcher (Belcheddar), if you are reading this, my shin still hurts and I've got a slight bruise.

Thats me over and out (finally).

Hope that didn't make me sound gay.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

damn you for getting spiderman 3, i shall be getting asap when i have the money, haha spiderman riding a lizard sounds funny

and in that football game you were everywhere

oh and you write to much

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