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Monday, 14 May 2007

Football, Sleeping Class & following up on 'Bowling Injury'

Ok, so first things first. Today, I walked in to registration and to my surprise Ashley - who I mentioned in an earlier post; who hurt his hand bowling - had a fractured hand. Yes, that's right. Fractured. Bowling. I don't get how he did that. Most of the registration was followed by:
'You fractured your hand bowling?'
'Seriously, bowling.'
'No, wait. You mean to say, you actually fractured your hand bowling?'
'Woah. Bowling. The lazy-mans sport.'
'Yes! For the last friggin time!' - Actually, he swore but as I said before. Could be children reading this blog.
'...' - This was followed by a pause of about 2 minutes.

Ok - maybe he didn't say 'ARGH!' but it was close enough. I could see it in his eyes. He was... was going... all Hulk-style. You know, all big & green... Yea - not really, I was joking - all who believed that are now CRMs (Commonly Regarded Morons).

Dammit, I think I'm gonna get sued for copyright infringement. I just couldn't resist. It was a Hulk - Ashley comment; come on you gotta give it to me.

Next, is the so called 'class that teaches you how to sleep.' Turns out, yea, not much sleeping. More listening to a Yorkshire guy - called Ian (seriously, Ian!) - who hates dogs. It was enjoyable but would have been way better if we'd slept all the way through.


But as it stands, we did - technically - sleep for about 20 minutes. We were apparently in Theta Sleep mode (don't ask me, that's what he said). There was also Alpha... and some other crap that my memory seems to have trashed already. If you ever do a class like this, I'll give you one tip and you should remember it well...

When he says: 'Get ready to sleep' or 'Get in positions to sleep' or whatever.

Don't sleep on the floor, it's bloody hard. Good advice, no? Well, actually, sometimes it's better to sleep on the floor as the chairs were [more of] a pain. Apparent from that not much happened...

Except the occasional 'Go kick a dog' comment. At the end of it I felt I had a moral obligation to call NSPCC (is it NSPCC that are for animals - or was that for children... meh).

The football I'm talking about it on the left, the one in the middle is 'American Football' - stupid americans. The one on the right is what football will be for me on May 25th.

Next came football. Which was good. It was truly the most mud-filled, intense, bone-breaking, leg-snapping, grueling match ever to be played on yonder(?) pitch. Today, football was truly a man's game - despite two girls playing anyway.

Bad news was... we lost. And we was the team without the girls! Oh, the humanity. Well, I guess it wasn't all bad. We started out brilliantly, getting 5/6 chances before the other team hardly touched the ball. All was going well... until I noticed we were getting chances... but not scoring any. Then after one (very successful) counteract by X1 (the other set group we played against, we are Y1) - the scum, as we call them - managed to score a goal. We reacted immediately with a goal of our own scored by no other than... Ben Gallagher. Who, I'm guessing, got pretty lucky. End of the first half.

Then things got a turn for the worse. They scored again nearing the closing minutes of the game. All hope was resting on this final chance... with (dammit, I forgot his name - no wait, I remember; actually he told me) Gavin putting in a last minute belter, burying it right into the back of the net. We celebrated as it was the end of the second half. But not the end of the match. It came to penalties.

Aaron took our first one & missed - the idiot, he was also one of the culprits for missing a lot of our chances, along with Ben Abbey.
The other team forged ahead, with one goal from the penalties in the bag. We scored the next two, and they scored the next one. But they're third was saved! Hallelujah! But it wasn't over yet. 5 - 5. Sudden death.

The first shots in sudden death... both teams scored. Just as it looked like there was no end to this. The ball was saved for our shot. It was the end. We lost the match. We walked back to the changing rooms disgruntled and dismayed. We had dishonoured our families and we must pay the price. Forever thrown into the pits of hell... *ahem* sorry got a bit side-tracked there.

But anyway, they only thing you need to know it that we took the goal nets down & managed to take down Mr Broderick (our teacher). It was funny too. He ran like a mad man on drugs with ants in his trousers, which was then set on fire, who somehow angered a rhino and was funning for dear life. LOL!!! LMAO!!! What made it even more funny, was the fact that he thought he could outrun us. He couldn't. He fell at the hands of the unforgiving goal nets - he stood no chance. Poor Mr Broderick... Ah, good times for us.

One last thing. I just got back from a friend's house after fixing his computer. And boy was it hard-work; it needed an experienced and ingenious computer person to fix it... namely me. There was smoldering of wires, dismantling of CPUs and removals of motherboards, reconfigurations of VDUs, exploiting PSUs and messing with graphics cards/sound cards... sorry got a bit side-tracked again. Being doing that a lot lately. Well, I just had to plug int some wires & sort out some stuff. But he wasn't very computer-literate so what the hey. Plus, I got payed a hefty price... wait, dammit, I didn't! I worked for nothing! How could this have happened?!

Well, that's it for today's blog. Now leave while I weep in sorrow for my unpaid-work.


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