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Thursday, 17 May 2007

Photos of walk

Just a minute ago, after much asking - I didn't beg, for the record - Kate finally sent me the photos of the walk.

Behold, the photo that is me rolling down th [now infamous - due to my efforts] hill. As you can see... I'm rolling. I think in this photo I'm about to get up but I'm not sure. I can still feel the sting from the nettles - in my mind or something psychological like that.

Ah, here's me. Looking not so awesome. I think I was explaining something about... the hill. Don't ask me, I didn't have much of a nights sleep. I think this was after the rolling incident.

Kate: "the one of you looking like you're holding an invisable tray of cookies, was after the hill.' - actual quote. Now, where did those cookies go?

Next, is this lovely picture of... Aaron getting chased by cows. Not as funny as when Josh did it but still pretty damn funny. Would of been better if he was closer though, I bet you agree too.

Don't ask me whats happening here. Even though I was there at the scene. It was something so horrifying that you would not be able to sleep for days. As of this precise moment it has sent over 20 people into therapy.


Fine, you forced it out of me (metaphorically, before you say anything). Callum slid on the floor and Kris decided to ram him when he got the chance. Not pretty. But this photo captures it perfectly. Although, Callum's face was priceless at this precise moment, but you don't get to see it. Kris - always the opportunist.

What do you notice first about this picture?


How many of you stared at the big-ass bulls balls? Don't be shy now. Who did?


You sick, bestiality-loving, [probably]
homosexual degenerate of a pervert.


But boy, does that bull have big balls. We had to walk round a bush to make sure we didn't cross his path. But doing this meant we crossed the chickens... bad idea. They started... clucking - yes, thats right. Clucking. The horror!

Well thats all the photos that Kate sent me. And not long before this post she read my previous post about this which kind of insulted her just a teeny tiny bit. But she was cool with it, theres some hope for the human race yet...

If you wanna see more photos email or comment something along these lines: 'I/WE WANT MORE PHOTOS!" Try not to insult me, Kate or George Bush in any way - on second thoughts, insult George Bush. Oh yea, if you threaten me, you won't get the photos. Ha! So, don't threaten me. Or you will die, too.

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Angel said...

lol! nice blog. :)


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