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Monday, 7 May 2007

Badminton, then feast!

Well, today is Bank Holiday Monday (hooray! To me it's just another day off school). We decide to play badminton and man, was it tiring. 3 straight hours of it - ok, so I've played for longer but I've had a bad back for a few days now. Then was the best part, we - literally - had a feast at McDonalds. There were 6 of us (two were young children); we had, from what I recall:
  • 2 happy meals (with all the stuff & drinks included)
  • At least 6 large fries (if not more)
  • 2 packs of (6) Chicken McNuggets Meal
  • A pack of (9) Chicken McNuggets Meal
  • 4 fresh orange juices
  • 5 fantas
  • 1 cola
  • 1 cheese burger meal
  • One of those Deli burger things
  • A fillet-o-fish (or whatever the bloody hell they're called)
  • A McFlurry (which I got for free, by the way)
  • 2 cones of ice cream
  • A whole load of ketchup
  • 2 Big Mac (meal things)
Er... thats about it. Funny really, I eat a hell of a lot - just ask anyone who knows me - but I never put on a lot of weight. Maybe it is a high metabolism thing. Just maybe...

And, just randomly I came across these cushions...
Nice, huh? You can buy 'em here.
There $29 (stupid American currency), which roughly translates to 14.5386 in pounds (when 1 USD = 0.501331 GBP and 1 GBP = 1.99469 USD). And, just for the record - I did use a currency converter :P so what?

18 days to Mario Strikers Charged Football!

Still not to late to add me on the Wii! Remember the Internet Channel is only free until June!

EDIT: For anyone who doesn't have a Wii, I've found an online Mii Editor thing (still in BETA) which may thirst your hunger for the newest [Super Special Awesome] Nintendo console.

Mii Editor

Obviously the Mii Editor (BETA) isn't as good as the one on the Wii but it still packs quite a few features in. To enjoy the awesomeness of Mii-making (is that even a word?), and to become a full Mii-makingernessage Master then get a Wii. Simple. Right?

And on a final note - no, really I promise its the final note. Here are the '10 Worst Video Games Consoles of All Time' by Gametrailers.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

haha, dang you eat alot, 3 hours of badminton, nothing compared to your 5 hours from a few weeks ago

and i will get round to adding you on the wii internet when i can ba


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