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Thursday, 31 May 2007

Newborn! Major hurtage...

Today I played badminton again. I should, really, make a banner for it as I seem to do this a lot.

Not much to talk about here, except... I strained my back while playing. And it bloody hurts. Although the pain has subsided quite a bit it still hurts occasionally. Well, no worries. I found I could keep on playing regardless... and I did. It still hurt when I did a jump smash - which I am getting a lot better at btw - it didn't stop me doing smashes. I could resist the pain.

If you want an analogy: For anyone who has seen 'Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children' - awesome film by the way, highly recommend you watch - remember the bit when Cloud was on the bike then his arm messed up and it went with all the 'shock' graphics. It's like that for me... albeit on my back... and probably a lot less cooler.

There is also big news today. My uncle had a baby boy just yesterday. We went to visit them today - and play badminton.

The baby is really small - duh - and looked all peaceful and serene lying in the cot. Until, it woke up shoot an evil glare at me - at least, I think it was me - and burst at crying. Or, it could have been a really evil - nevermind ridiculous - laugh. Guess I'll never know.

My uncle has got his hands full now though. He has three kids - the poor guy - a 2 and a half year old, a 1 year old and a newborn. He's been, and will be for some time I fathom, busy.

More video-glory with todays post with this video of 'Need for Speed: Prostreet.' If you want to know want 'prostreet' means... join the club. It probably means something on the line of '1337' or 'awesomeness,' just... ghetto-style. You have no idea how long it took for me to think about that.

Huzzah for pre-rendered awesome-looking graphics. And cars. And smoke. Hehe, smoke.

In other - more important - news. I have added a feedback form at the bottom of this blog. Originally, it was going to be at the side. The blog disagreed with me. After messing around with it for 2 hours last night, I thought: 'Fu*k it!' I was pretty angry, it set of a chain reaction and I quadrupled in size and turned all green... Ok, maybe not the size and green part. But you get the gist. I gave up, and threw it at the bottom of the blog. Now, because of the form, there is only going to be the newest post on the first page. Unless someone can fix the problem of the disagreeing form-into-blog-side business.

For everyone not so eagle-eyed, I have also added a new graphic. The side banner thing. I thought the sidebar looked a bit lonely - so I spruced it up a little... never thought I'd be saying typing that. It makes the prospects of housewives that much more hideous... somehow.

I'm, going to try something new here. I'm throwing myself out on a limb. I'm going to post something educational. *gasps all around*

I know, I know. Educational?! That's what schools are for. My answer to that is: 'Wrong school is for procrastination and hanging with friends.'

Just here me out here. It's about TV. One of the most important mediums in your lives. Heck, it's been proven that averagely people spend 5 years of their lives watching TV. Damn, thats a lot of time just sitting there looking at a box. But anyway. Enjoy! Learn! Just watch...

Poor analog. Destined to an early tomb... or something like that. If you don't like me posting educational stuff just say it in the feedback form below. If most people don't like it, the word will become taboo. Educational... taboo. lol

Also, be sure to add any comments or questions. If you want I can include them in some blogs. Like a feedback session.

EDIT: I totally forgot. Kate wanted me to post something about Transformers... for some reason. So... here it is:

Transformers... robots in disguise.

Just for the record; she told me to say that too.

'Analog is dead! Muhahahaha!'

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