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Thursday, 3 May 2007

Drama Exam - Finished (& other things)

Argh! Amazing how I can start two posts with the same word, isn't it?

Anyway, as some (if not most) of you will know, I had a Drama Exam today. And if you've been reading my blog at all, theres this girl - names have been removed to protect the privacy of those involved *cough* Daisy - who decided it was a good idea to go on holiday only to come back 2 days before the exam. Luckily enough, we managed to get it done yesterday after hours of work - refer to previous post to see details.

Ok, back to today. I, yes me, had to wake up at 6 AM; no you did not read that wrong 6 AM! For me, 10 is frickin' early. This meant that I had 5 hours sleep, and I have been [more] tired the whole frickin' day. All because of the frickin' drama exam, even though we started the plays at 10:00. I came back home, and I literally felt like I could eat a horse; but couldn't find any so ate some bread.

What made today worst was that at lunch, we got challenged by Yr 9s to a football game - we're Yr 11 - we grudgingly accepted because you got to show your superiority and authority around Wintringham [like many schools]. We were doing fine (there were 7 of us) against them (they had about 15); we even got the first goal. Everything then went downhill, more Yr 9s joined; then Yr 10s! Oh the humanity! You can pretty much figure it from then, but here it is anyway: 'We got stuffed, big time.' Given that they had about 20/30 players against our 7, of course.

Now, to talk about tomorrow. If I don't post tomorrow, don't worry. It doesn't mean I'm dead, or decided to commit suicide/homicide/genocide or whatever. I'll just probably be playing Spiderman 3 for my Wii, which will be another Wii game into my collection in a while. So, alls fine and good.

Thats about it. I'm off to eat dinner now. Be sure to check back, and tell everyone you know about this Super Special Awesome blog (you'll regret it if you don't *evil grin*) - it's not fair for just you having all this fun reading this awesome blog, when your friends are probably doing some degenerate & degrading stuff. Right?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ah, damn you getting spider man 3 for wii >:(

Haha, now you know what it feels like to be up at 6am =D, although you will make the sleep up this weekend, sleeping till like 5pm or something

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