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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Home Post

Ok, so I've posted already today but I don't care. Period.

Left is Wintringham School.

Good news today as we beat the Yr 9s (or is it Yr 10s; I never seem to know nowadays) in football. They got so frustrated that they abandoned the match & left. It felt good, it was like kicking a dude in the balls after hes kicked you - er... twice. And I gotta tell you revenge is SWEET! Apart from that, not much else happened today. You know about college in today's earlier post.

Oh wait, something did happen... Daniel Atmore; who consequently is - was, cos we've finished now - in my drama group. Well heres the supposed story:

He made out with a Yr 8 boy. To protect the identity of the young person, I have not included his name. *psst its Dilan by the way.

Here's Danny side of the story, from his mouth (well, I may have filled bits in):

'Well, what happened was this: Firstly, he had some soup [Me: WTF?] around his mouth. And I told him: "You should lick it off.[Me: Double WTF?]" He replied by saying: "Maybe you should do it for me.[Me: Why do I even bother anymore]" Then I said: "You don't think I will, do you?" He followed by murmuring: "Yea..." Then I did it. So it was basically a dare.'

Now, its easy to make conclusions and whatever about this subject [Mohammed El Diablo Cheeseman Lover Dude: ooooooohhhhhhh..... controversy; Me: yea we get the idea]. But just remember what Sheeny said: 'Meh, so?' On that note, I end this blog. Check back tomorrow.

1 comment:

gavin said...


yes, i felt great honour when we beat those little twats at football(thanks to the rain and our superior skill)

you just have a natural talent for making things seem worst then they actually are =P


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