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Saturday, 19 May 2007

Bad Headache

Now, I'm not one to moan. But today I've had a really bad headache. And I mean really bad.

Maybe... not as bad as the one the dude has on the left (Ouch, must hurt); but still, pretty bad.

Good thing that it only hurts when my head goes below my heart or something... yea... dunno how I worked that out. I could be a doctor...

*cut to me-being-doctor scenario*
Me (doctor-dude): Ok Mr Brynn.

Patient: It's Tom.

Me: *totally ignores what he says* It seems you have cancer.

Patient: What?!

Me: LMAO! LOL! Only joking. Haha, you totally got pwned. ha...

Patient: ...

Me: *cough* Anyway, it seems you have a really bad cold... and we have to go to surgery immediately to cut open your head and extract your brain...

Patient: *faints*

Me: Dude, not here. I said in surgery. But... I guess I can cut open your head now.

*end scenario*

Oh, that would be awesome. But I'm not going through 5 years or so of Med school just to become a doctor... screw that.

Besides, I can become a 'Doctor' when I get a pHd. Sweet... That's the only reason I want one. Doctor... hehe.

That's it for today but tomorrow is Sunday. So... yea.

Oh and according to Wikipedia today is 'Feast Day' wOOt! Now, where's the feast?


*Reads article more clearly*
Damn... it has nothing to do with feasting. Well, at least I don't think it does... I didn't read it, I just assumed... Hey, don't blame me. I read up to 'Roman Catholic' then stopped, then thought: 'It has nothing to do with feasting *sigh*'
Oh well, I tried.

Guess I'll have to wait until December 5... 'Creep like a Ninja Day' that days gonna be awesome. Just another reason to secretly kill people from behind... hehe; damn, did I say that out loud? My bad, I meant throw shruikens at people... that made it worse didn't it. Damn.

And don't forget the traditional 'Talk like a Pirate Day' on September 19th. Ah, days just keep getting better and better.

Seeing as all these are made up by someone or other... I declare this day...

'National Laziness Day'

Hey, we have an exercise day/week so... it's only fair to have a day of laziness and not doing anything.

EDIT: Also apparently there is a 'National Underwear Day.' Can anyone clarify? Cos' this holiday sounds like a good idea...

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