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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Kung Fu Jimmy Chow

I know, I know; it's like the 3rd time I've blogged today - I think at least, to lazy to check or remember because that seems to take a lot of energy too.

I just found this nice little animation titles: 'Kung Fu Jimmy Chow' on Heavy and it's quite funny & sorta random... so, here it is (embedation - is that even a word):

By the way, it is English. Don't let the opening fool you... fool.

The 31 flavours of Shaolin


Retail Madness


EDIT: Oh yea, not suitable for minors. :)

EDIT EDIT: Hehe, 'Oh noes, purple nurple my one true weakness'


Anonymous said...

it was funny but im not even 13 yet and... good thing i dont faint at the sight of virtual blood.
To me it was pretty sick and made me go 'ooh, ice cream spoon cuts arm, oooh even worse, OMG ice cream spoon rockz!'

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was amazingly funny and hugely violent. Please bring on the Xbox 360 version!


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