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Sunday, 6 May 2007

Day of General Laziness

As you know from the previous post, I've had the house to myself today. And I've got to say, I enjoyed it to an extent. The tranquility, peacefulness that I haven't felt in ages; it felt good. I also managed to watch (not play the game) 'Spiderman 3' without any interruptions - well, except one when FF messed up, but that was no big deal.

This is the roughly what happened today (times are not accurate):

11:00 - Woke up, didn't want to. But hey, a guy's gotta eat... when he's hungry.

11:30 - Finished eating and said goodbye to family, who were going their separate ways anyway. My mum & sisters were going to Hull, my dad was going to Mablethorpe.

11:40 - Decided to go on Spiderman 3 (the Wii game) for a bit and messed around, mainly jumping off extremely tall buildings trying to land on people - bet you don't see Spiderman doing that very often.

12:30 - Went down to eat. Er... let's see; I ate bread, chocolate, oranges and more chocolate.

12:45 - Went on internet. Normal generic stuff, checking mail etc.

13:00 - Went down to eat [again].

14:40 - Started to watch Spiderman 3. Nice film.

15:50 - Browser messed up.

16:30 - Finished watching Spiderman 3. Nice film.

16:35 - You guessed it. I went down to eat.

16:45 - Mum & sisters came home.

Well, thats how my day of general laziness went. How'd you're day go? Send in your comments and let me find out. Don't worry, I won't stalk you... much. Only joking, I only stalk good looking people. lol...

Please don't call the police. I've already been done for copyright infringement... twice.

Well, anyway 19 days until Mario Strikers Charged Football is released.
You cannot say this game cannot be good, well you can. But then you'd probably be jumped by Nintendo fans next time you walk the streets alone. And just for good measure, throw in some Halo fans.

Speaking of Halo, theres been a CG short of a Spartan (well, I can't say its Masterchief) vs Samus (from Metroid):

Theres the YT version, but for a higher quality version go to: Haloid(high res)

Thats all for today.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you and your food
all you ever do is eat sleep and go on your PC, although your routine for the day sounded pretty much like most of my weekends

and spider man 3- amazing


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