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Sunday, 20 May 2007

Sunday - Badminton & Movies...

Right... Today's Sunday. So we decided to go to Lincoln to play badminton. Damn... Now I'm dead tired.

But today I owned, pwnage style. But after a while we decided that seeing as we have a big sports hall to mess around in...

We took out some other equipment and started messing. Oh, you've gotta be there to see it. We took a basketball out and we were trying to do full-court shots; it's nackering for the arms. Heck, this kid pulled a shotput from the cupboard and decided to throw it... it dropped on his foot. LMAO!!! PWN3D!

Well, all you need to know is that today was awesome in so many aspects. But I'm going to play badminton tomorrow [again] so I'm going to be dead tired. Ok, maybe not 'dead tired' but still bloody tired.

The other thing is that I've been watching a lot of movies lately. All good ones - which is a relief. Just thought I'd sure with you the joy of watching them...

For anyone who wants to rant about me talking about films suddenly - go to the [naughty] wall. It's my blog, I can rant/blog/post about anything I want. :P

Note: I watched all of these legally... yes *ahem* legally -
You: No you didn't...
Me: Shhhh... Yes I did.

... On to the movies - You: Quit changing the subject!
Me: Just go away!

Spiderman 3 - Watched this while ago, but... meh. Awesome film... maybe not as good as the first 2 in terms of plot etc.

Good: CGI is amazing.

Bad: Should be more fighting a lot more fighting.

What makes it awesome: Black-suit/symbiote-suit and also [kinda] Venom

Next - Also an awesome film. Based around dude who sees into the future for 2 minutes, until he meets this girl...

Good: Good plot, the main character dude (don't know his name, cba to check) fits perfectly to the role.

Bad: Not enough fighting again... and oh, no ninjas.

What makes it awesome:
He can see into the future... need I say more.

One Piece Movie 6 - Another awesome film. Luffy & crew go to an island that is suppose to be recreational but things don't exactly don't turn out that way... (Btw, if you don't know what One Piece is: 'One Piece is an insane anime/manga following Luffy who ate the 'Gomu Gomu Fruit' which makes him a 'Rubber Rubber Man' {Gomu = Rubber} who want to be 'Pirate King.' His crew consists of: 'Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Chopper, Robin, Usopp [and now Franky - but not in Movie].' They all have talents and traits but you gotta see it to believe it.)

Good: It's One Piece - which is insane already in the anime/manga; now you get a full 2 hours of it! Animation was amazing. It's not suitable for young children because the main villain does an Akira (If you don't know what that is... watch Akira... or this film) - freaked my little sister out. For final punch, the art style goes all line-arty; which is awesome btw.

Bad: Not much of a plot-line; well it does have a plot line but just doesn't fit the anime/manga... you know what I mean. Should be more fighting. Luffy didn't have 'Gears.' The One Piece insane humour isn't as evident.

What makes this awesome: Animation, Luffy (come on, he's a 'Rubber Man') and Zoro (hey, he has three, yes three swords!) and also the bit when the villain goes 'Akira-style.'

They were all good films and - in fact - I'm hoping to watch some more over the coming days...

You: Hey... Don't you have exams on Tuesday?
Me: Er... No?
You: Go do revision NOW!
Me: What if I say... no?
You: Then you die!!! *eyes flare up into flames*
Me: Sorry! Sorry! *runs off*

Check back for some more... er... stuff tomorrow.

'Bowling' - Ok, I've pretty much squeezed all the juice out of Ashley-being-retarded-due-to-hurting-his-hand-bowling joke. I promise this is the last time you hear of it... ever. RIP Ashley-retardedness joke; may you bring laughter to everyone in Heaven Hell... *cue funeral music*

1 comment:

gavin said...

haha, you best be revising, not that you need it.

Yes, spider man 3 needs more fighting

havent seen next yet but plan to watch it after tuesday exams

haha, you will mention the bowling joke forever and you know you will


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