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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

No School!

This is it. The legendary time that is 'Study Leave.' No school. No teachers. No bad-cafeteria food. No badly-graffitied books (although they make a good distraction from the boring lesson). No boring lessons. No teachers thinking they are in control but really aren't. No crappy supply teachers. No non-existent playground equipment.

Basically, this is the time to relax and do nothing. Like the Summer Holidays but better, somewhat. Additionally, from the words of Ian (was it Ian, dunno): 'You get 11 weeks of the bad boy.' Yes we do. 11 weeks of... doing nothing.

That's right. Sweet F.A.

Oh and the Smash Bros Site has been updates (again), seems like they are keeping to their words of 'Daily Updates.' But it's just basically new screens of Link and Mario. Here are two:

Nice pictures of Mario kicking Wario in the face and Link shooting an arrow. This game will be so awesome. Smash Bros. Be sure to check it out.

Another thing is that the 'Overlord' website is up: For Overlordy Evilness click here.

They've also put up a test thing that is meant to test if you're evil or... really evil. Lmao, you thought I was gonna say 'Good' wasn't you. Bah, I spit on the word.

You know it's going to be good, when promo pictures - like the one on the left - depict you (the player) with glowing red eyes. Sweet. Overlord looks like it can add a whole new dimension to evil in video games. And for everyone that thinks it's like Fable - it's not. Well... you do get to choose whether to be Evil or Very Evil. But apart from that not much is the same. Plus, as an added bonus: YOU HAVE A BUNCH OF MINIONS THAT DO YOUR BIDDING!

Now, after hearing that line; you've got to be crazy, messed-up in the head, cuckoo, deranged and a do-gooder not to want this game. You can still fight as the 'Overlord' but why would you? Minions? Controlling minions? Hello? They pillage and everything as well, they even have the generic no-brainer - literally - AI. They can't do much on their own, you got to instruct them, like most Overlords do to their minions. But hey, they bring you pots of gold.

And if you buy now, we'll throw in a run-down, evil, filled with Overlordiness Castle as well! <-- Bad attempt at being a sales person.

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