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Sunday, 13 May 2007

May 13th 2007 Post

Well, it's Sunday. In many parts of the world it's 'Mother's Day' or 'Mothering Sunday' or whatever. But over here; in the UK - that is, 'Mothering Sunday' is next week (I think). So, today is plain old Sunday May 13th of the year 2007 (2K7 - for some people out there).

I promised another post and here it is... Yea, that's it. Not much happened today - again.

I woke up, waved goodbye to family that are off out somewhere (hey, don't ask me where they went - I stayed at home, duh), ate, slept, ate again, went on the internet, use the Wii etc. You get the idea. So, it's been an average day for me.


Oh, and tomorrow I have to go to school (in full school uniform - dammit) even though our last official day was Friday. It's LETT week or something. But the good thing is we are getting taught to sleep, yes - you heard that right: sleep.

We also get to play football tomorrow - but despite that some people chose to go inside and do 'computer-aided revision' Nevertheless, they probably won't. Seriously though, computer-aided revision! Over football seriously (by the way, girls do rounders - thought I'd just clear that up)! Anyway, they were mostly emos, I think. And we all know that they are a product of 'Alien Symbiosis' (refer to earlier blog if you don't understand) so I guess that's what they do.

12 days until Mario Strikers. :)
Exams soon. :(

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