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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Eurovison Song Contest 2007

Seeing as nothing remotely interesting happened today for me, I might as well blog about this. Oh, by the way, I didn't watch it intentionally (honest) I happened to walk in. I have some good news about it. UK happened to get more than zero this time, which - in the eyes of many is a great achievement - UK got 19. More good news is that we weren't dead last - for a change. Ireland was with... haha... 5 points. ~Insert random Irish joke here~

Ok, now bad news. Sure, UK didn't come dead last but it didn't do too well either - second to last. Oh well, at least the French are there as well with 19 (at least I think so, cba to check), now we get to laugh at them just as much as they laugh at us.

The winners were Serbia with 268 (again, cba to check if it's correct), which - if my math is right - about just over 14 times more than what UK got. Suppose it was better than Ireland, Serbia did over 50 times better... lmao. Next came Ukraine or Russia, either one I just cba to check anymore. I didn't even know why I watched the results at the very end; let alone blog about it.

The way I see it, UK were deemed to fail from the start of the program. They decided to send a group out that sung about flying (pictured left) - flying
seriously?! Who wants to hear a song about flying?! On second thoughts, don't answer that. To add insult to injury, the group was named Scooch, yes, Scooch. What kind of stupid name is that?! It's like they decided that they put all the letters of the alphabet in a hat & pull them out one by one, but still managed to get two 'o's. Well I suppose it was better than what the critics predicted: 'nil points' was the prediction. And boy, oh boy, did UK shatter that score. 19 points more! Doesn't it make you proud? Ironically, Ireland was the first to give points to the UK (7 in fact) ~ remember Ireland, the ones that got 5 points; no? Well nevermind. ~
But it was Malta who was probably sympathetic of our previous disastrous outing that decided to give the UK 12 points. That or they all are deaf/crazy in some horrific zombie-like way. Personally, I like the latter explanation better - I just don't see how anyone can be sympathetic of UK.
It's times like these I lean towards my Asian half (or quarter or whatever), which makes me pretty much 10 times cooler than the rest of you (ha, I'm also a bit Jamaican which pretty much triples/quadruples that!).

Right, this was meant to be a brief post. I guess it didn't turn out that way. Oh well... meh. It's my bad habit, once I starting ranting - I pretty much can't stop. I carry on now if it wasn't for food - delicious food... mmmm - waiting for me downstairs. Lemme just put it this way, you would not want to meet me in a flame war on the forums/messageboards. You will get PWN3D! Super-special-happy-awesome-slapstick-kickintheballshurtage-wtfhitme-ownage style.

I'll leave you with this picture. You know it's true in it's deep-lordoftheflies-underlying-meaning-sorta way, or not:

Sorry... about the Lord of the Flies comment. I know it was totally uncalled for :P.

EDIT: Dammit, I totally shouldn't have posted this. Whenever someone gets onto my page now & just scrolls down to see the pictures, they'll run for cover and order a nuke-strike on my blog. And, most importantly it totally makes me look gay. Why?! Why is life so cruel?!

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