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Friday, 18 May 2007

P.E. Exam

Today was another day of exams. *sigh* And it looks like it's going to stay like that until June time. I really wish I was back in primary school (not year 6 - because of stupid SATs or whatever they're called), back then it was all fun and games. Some of the best days of my life was spent in primary school. There was the smart kid, the dirty kid, the slightly dirty kid, the teacher's pet kid, the rebellious kid, the punk kid and also the worm eating kid. Good times.

Sorry I'm drifting again.

About the exam then... It was about PE. And it was ssssssssssooooooooooo easy. I swear I could have done it with my eyes closed and with one hand behind my back - as long as someone spoke the questions out loud and the hand behind my back is my left hand (I'm right-handed).

I - not joking here - finished the exam in 40 minutes. Impressive, huh? No, well let me tell you that the exam is meant to be 2 hours long. Impressive now? Still no? Hm... How about I did it while juggling? Impressive, right? No... damn, you people are hard to please.

To the left is a picture of me juggling in the test.

Seriously, if you believe that you will believe anything. Moron. You will forever be labelled CRM. If you don't know what that means that you are even more of a moron. CRM.

Anyway, I spent most of the test sleeping. Basically catching up on last night's lost sleep. No, I wasn't revising. I was talking to Kate, you know the one that sent me the pictures? Pictures? Photos? The Walk? *sigh* The one who sent me the photo of the bull with massive balls. I knew you'd remember that.

Speaking of Kate. I actually received more photos last night... but that was after the initial post. And I couldn't be asked to put the photos on. So, here they are:

Uploading... uploading... uploading... :@ dammit, I'm getting impatient.
Huzzah! It's done. Took it's bloody time...

Here's me [again]. Looking like - well - me. Who else? Duh. I think this was before the me-deciding-to-roll-off-the-hill-full-of-nettles incident. I believe that the hill behind me is that very hill. Correct me, if I'm wrong Kate. Don't just correct me because you feel like it - I get that a lot.

Here we go again... Uploading X 100... <<< 10 hours pass... it's still uploading... better not be a virus...
Huzzah! It's done.

Brief description: It's a cow.


More importantly, it is one of the herd of cows that chased Josh and us. But mainly Josh. I think it's his hair colour. He's ginger. Maybe it was also the fact he was waving his head about saying: 'Toro! Toro! Can't get me cows because I have awesome hair [Me: WTF?! Cows, kill him.] - Oh sh*t!' Then he ran. Just so you know, I did not send the cows after him.

I've also just heard that 'Lego Star Wars' is coming to the Wii [and PS3 - but who cares about that?]. I remember that game. Was a good game, if it's ported correctly it could be a really good game. Although, I probably wouldn't buy it as I already completed it fully - 100%, baby! This picture fully shows awesomeness of the game. Ok, maybe not fully.

But its still an awesome game. It's combining: Lego with Star Wars. You know thats got to be good. The only thing that could have made this game better was: 'Ninjas' Yea... ninjas... *drifts off*

Sorry, as I was saying... Ninjas... yea.

And ketchup, because it is a fact of life that 'Ketchup makes everything taste better.' But I don't see why you would want to eat it... meh.

That's it for today. Oh, and thanks for the comments. I appreciate it. Especially, if it's praise. Slight bit of criticism and you're outta here.

It's come to my attention that... my blog has passed 500 views! Great... now onto my world domination plan! Google won't have it's way yet... muhahahahhaha *[evil] cough* damn, I should stop doing that - it hurts my throat.

EDIT: Yea, I know. The Lego SW picture messed up. I've changed the picture now. The words next to it still apply. Which is awesome.

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