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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Leaving Wintringham School (Poo Here ↓; included)

The main thing I'm going to talk about in this post is that we [Yr 11] are leaving Wintringham School -officially, yea - on Friday for study leave or something or other. The bad thing is that means we've got our exams soon - thats a real bad thing, seeing as we are probably the most procrastinatious (is that even a word?) out of the Yr 11 that have been at this school.

Leaving means more year-book signing. As usual I signed my traditionally 'WJL: You'll remember me' and 'Daisy, stop taking Diuretics' etc. etc. And it seems most of the year-books have been passed around, I couldn't be asked with one so meh. And it also seems that people are signing shirts tomorrow as well, good times. I'm going to try and get my big 'WJL' all across someones back for the sake of it. Again, I cannot be asked to as it takes a lot of energy asking people and just standing there letting people draw all over you.

In other news, Aaron (fellow student) decided last lesson today (which incidentally was Ms Love's Science) that he would get his shirt signed today - big mistake. WJL was around...

It started of well, with people signing his back, nipples etc. But then things started getting out of hand, people started crowding round him like people crowd around a person sticking his arm up a rhino's ass or something. He ended up with 'I suck cock' on his collar' which coincidentally he cannot see as it was the back - hehe. And this is a small sample of what his face looks like. I couldn't find a picture so this was the next best thing:

An artist's impression. I know, I know; you're thinking that who ever drew this must be a hella good drawer and I deserve all your flattery etc. etc. Just as a note, I couldn't do his hair (stupid hair, I spit on thee) so I just drew some random lines and cross blurred them. Problem solved.

Anyway, back on topic. As you can see, the extent of the damage far exceeds what he initially expected. By the way, I put in 'POO HERE ↓' just for the record. As said by a random person there at the time: 'It's legendary' and comments also included 'That's totally super special awesome happy awesomeness!' Ok, maybe I said that but hey it was all just good clean fun. Oh and I also wrote 'MAN ♥ RULZ' on his arm; just where he cannot see - lol, I am so mischievous I surpass my own expectations sometimes.

Oh and just so you know. Tomorrow is also a College today so there is a possibility of another 'College Post' tomorrow. But until then, goodbye and good luck with whatever ventures you make take during the period of tonight and early tomorrow mourning.

EDIT: I've totally forgotten to add this as it was completely and utterly overshadowed by Aaron's little deranged escapade. But also in the Science lesson - which is totally awesome by the way because we do nothing at all (like Toby's lessons) - we had a National Jizzing Championship (NJL, for short). I know what you're thinking; and I'm only going to say: 'You sick *beep*'
Sorry, older people. There may be young kids out there reading this - it's to early for their brains to turn to mush; besides thats what TVs there for right? And now we have the internet to help with the kid-brain-turning-into-mush.

Ok, anyway. What really happened was Kate (KP - not the nuts, you *beep*) got out a bottle of... er... what was it? Soap? I dunno, but it was something guys - wait - straight guys would tend not to buy unless explicitly told to by girlfriends, wives, mistresses, 2nd wives etc. Back on topic again - well, anyway. She started 'jizzing' all over the place. A full bottle (to be fair, it was a bloody small bottle) reduced to nothing in mere seconds. The bottle was snatched and passed to and fro hands, even people's backs where jizzed upon in the NJL. Including mine, but I got payed :).

We also found out its not good with cuts (ouch!) or faces - to the demise of Aaron (yes, him again) as me and Ashley double-slapped (oooooooohhhhhhh!!!!! PWNED!!!!) him with it. Ashley tried it on for size and stood sat there unmotionless until he suddenly burst into tears of the pain of it all (he was not going emo - and I may have exaggerated that a little. Anyway, it pretty much got everywhere, even managed to end up on Gavin's Mohammed El Diablo Cheeseman Love Dude's basketball and I asure you, you don't won't to tell you how...

No, it did not include what is called the 'Ping Pong trick.' If you do not know what that means, don't worry, you're not missing out much.

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