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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Late mourning, then Leisure Centre...

Hooray for study leave! Hooray for non-waki-up-iness!
Well, today. I managed to wake up at 10:45 (at least, I think I did). Was awesome to actually get 7 hours sleep this time. Despite the fact I had about 10 minutes to get dressed, eat, brush teeth etc. then get to school (which is about 15/20 minute walk - 10 minutes if I run, but why would I run?). Good thing I'm not a girl or it'll take me at least an hour to do everything I did in 5/10 minutes. So anyway, I was screwed because I had to get to school at about 11:05. Change of plan. I got my dad to take me in the car, 5/6 minutes later I was there! Huzzah(?)!

No one else was there. Dammit.

Then Lucas showed up, not long after. Then the people were pouring in.

We got on the coach... yada yada... by the way. There was no peeing in a bottle by anyone this time. Just thought I'd make that clear.

Then we got there, went into the leisure centre. Only to find that football was outside - badminton took the sports hall - we then proceeded to get lost for about 5 minutes until someone actually decided to go outside in stead of walking around in a circle. We got onto the pitch... it was a dump. Well, what can you expect - hey, it's Grimsby Leisure Centre.

So, finally we got to kick the ball. The ball was flat. No, not ok-flat. Flat-flat. If you get what I mean. Oh well, never stopped us before. So Bentley - you may know him from the random quote generator at the bottom of the page: 'SHAZ!' - kicks the ball. It flies majestically, and low and behold... it traveled over the fence. In between the golf range/course and our pitch. The next five minutes were spent getting the ball back. I could climb over except the fence didn't look to safe.

It was at this time that Gavin & Tom (picture - above is Gavin & below is Tom... nah not really. I just searched their names on Google Images and they popped up. LOL) decided to go. Now, we were left with 6 people -3 a side- and no ball. Until I decided that the people in the golf course should help us get it. A few shouts of: 'Can you get the ball for us... please... pretty please?' later. We got the ball back. Huzzah!

Play began, and all was fine - and bloody tiring as there was a 5-a-side pitch with only 3-a-side. It was literally blood, sweat and tears.

With less blood and tears. All was good, I got kicked in the bruise in my leg (Me: MICHAEL!!!) and it bloody hurt - no, seriously, it was like... like... getting kicked on a bruise... again.

Some time of playing football later. We decided to take a break for refreshments, laughing at the skating people - since they were all crap and going round in a circle over and over and over and over again, although Luke Mcann was quite good. Even though he had a broken leg.

Oh and we also found an awesome vending machine that dispenses drinks in an awesome way. I can't find a picture of it, but it was awesome nonetheless. This thing went up/down and across to pick up your drink. Then moved it across to the right to put it in a box thing which then proceeded to come out front ways or whatever. But all you need to know is: it was awesome. Wow, never found I would be spending a whole paragraph on a vending machine...

Anyway, after the break thing we decided. "Let's so something different." So I stood up on the wall/fence bit - which by the way was nearly as high as I was and had a hole in the middle where you could easily get your leg stuck... and break it. *gulp* Well that didn't stop me getting up on it and being used as target practice. The other two were crap anyway. Although they got pretty close.

Then Lewis & Bentley came back. Lewis got up onto the wall with me and they focused their attention on him. Because I am awesome. Anyway, that's pretty much what happened.

Oh and right at the end. Michael - the stupid *beep* that kicked me in the leg... oh and did I mention my BRUISE! - kicked the ball over the face on the actual golf course. The ball was lost, never to be returned again. We snuck onto the coach and all was well until... Mr Bailey came on and asked: 'Footballers. Where is the ball?' Then what happened was took right out from a cartoon. Literally, everyone pointed toward Michael. You had to be there. He had to go and... 'apologise.' LMAO!!!

Well, that's about it today. And don't forget to check back tomorrow where I will be ranting about this walk that it meant to help us revise.

I'll leave you with these words:


EDIT: I just found (on the recent visitor map) that a man/woman from Canada and a man/woman from Mexico looked at my blog. Cool. Gracias. Now... what is Thank you in Canadian...

EDIT2: Oh, I also found out that the people playing Squash came back with their asses hurting. They were all males.


Get it? They were males and their asses hurt. What do you think they were doing? I'll leave it to your imagination, as it is too horrible to describe to you. Also, if I put a picture of it... it would make me look gay (more gay then the Eurovision post.)

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