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Monday, 28 May 2007


Sorry for the late post people. I've been quite busy lately with badminton, MSCF and other things. At least I made today's post, albeit a bit late. Tomorrow should be back to normal.

Well, Smash Bros have finally updated their site - which was meant to be updated 'daily' didn't happen yesterday.

It's about Pit (again). But this time, 'Pit: Special Moves.' Pics below.

The site has two more pictures - if you're interested. Looks cool that you can control the trajectory of the light arrow or 'Palutena Arrow.' Interesting... Can't wait for this game to come out. And also, the other picture is a picture of Pit using the 'Wings of Icarus.'

Oh and you know the thing about me being ranked 4th. Well, I kinda slipped a place to 5th. :P

I also found this interesting information:

Nintendo WFC Online Activity
Apparently, MSCF got 399,569 connections. Bested only by the two new Pokemon DS games. Damn... That's quite a lot of connections. To think I'm ranked 5th now. Sweet.

Oh and you remember that little game called: 'Super Paper Mario' for the Wii that came out in US & Japan ages ago. Well, apparently it's been rated or something by the Rating Board in Australia... Now, if even Australia gets a game like that before us... I'm going to seriously hurt somebody.

To remind you of the awesomeness of this game:

Yes, thats right. 8-bit Mario... think of the possibilities...

Don't even get me started on Bowser... who can breathe FIRE... thats right fire... You don't need anymore reasons to buy this game.
~Oh wait, theres also the 'Zombie Shroom' or whatever it's called. Like the guy said: 'If you aren't rushing out to buy this game right now you have something seriously wrong with you...'
Well, at least... I think thats what he said... hey, cut me some slack. I saw this vid a loooonnnnggg time ago. Don't expect me to remember the details... or watch it again. That's just crazy talk.

Another vid:
Rejected Wii Play Games
Warning some content may offend people

If you were offended I'm extremely sorry... Especially men, to even think about that last one... 'Female Pleasure' they totally went overboard with that one. It's been known since times when people lived in caves: Men + Housework = NO NO!

Thats it for today. Be sure to... er... comment or something. Just contribute in some way...

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