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Sunday, 27 May 2007

Ranked 4th!

Well, today's post is mainly about me being RANKED 4th in the whole world at Mario Strikers Charged Football. Well, yesterday night anyway. It was awesome, even though I took on the dude who was ranked 1st and lost - marginally, mind you. But come on. RANKED 4th out of like... 30 odd thousand. According to an official memo or something, there has been 100000 connections for MSCF, I think. So anyway, I rule... U suck. The end.

And continuing the trend of me-posting-awesome-videos-for-the-commoners-to-watch-to-their-hearts-content-lalalala etc. theme. Here's the newest trailer of Final Fantasy: Crystal Bearers, courtesy of GT.

For the Wii. Don't think you wouldn't like this game... You get to drive AIRSHIPS. Now, I'll leave you with that thought... airships, those big-ass, motha-fu*king ships. Hehe. Awesome.

Now for a quick rant:
As you may know - or may not - the Smash Bros site is meant to be 'updated daily' and I responded: 'Daily updates my ass' in a previous post. Apparently, I was right. They didn't update yesterday (at least, I don't think they did). So the newest update is still 'Pit.' I hate have to say this: 'I TOLD YOU SO.' Ah, feels so much better.


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