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Saturday, 5 May 2007

The Bank, the chair & Spiderman 3 on the Wii

The first thing today is I got a new bank account (yea!), its for my EMA etc. etc. I also got a high interest rate on it, 5.45% I think. I'm sorry if that wasn't funny, what can I say, I tried to think of something witty or at least something sarcastic to say about it but... I just couldn't. The best I could think of was: 'I opened my bank account at Nationwide, heh, and it's nation-wide. Get it?' and that was kinda crap, scrap that, really crap.

Next on todays agenda, is my new chair. Yes, I got a new computer chair.


Thats it. Oh, and it's blue. And has arm rests. And feels bloody comfortable. Now, I have three chairs and a stool in my room. And a bed.

Lastly, Spiderman 3. I'm sure most, if not all, of you have read my previous post about it. Well, I'm glad to say; today I beat the story aspect of it. And boy, I gotta tell ya, the 'Final Showdown' was a real stinger. Took me quite some time to do it. Saying this, according to the game progress/scrapbook thing I'm just over 50%, yes 50% of the game. Guess you'll need to capture all the territories and take these photos and crap to get 100%. But I can't be asked, it's still fun to jump of excessively high buildings and attempt to land on a car or something; or maybe just try and swing just before you hit the ground.

As you can see, I've had quite an eventful day but nothing especially noteworthy to talk about.

Oh, and quickly before I go. I get the house all to myself tomorrow, so it's gonna be an awesome day of relaxation and general laziness. But don't expect me to do what my friend did: he had the house to himself and decided to take picture of himself nude, he censored out the private parts of his male anatomy put it was still not a very nice sight. I would have enclosed a picture but I would probably make someone sick or cause a death somewhere when someone looks at it (no offense to my friend, I haven't enclosed your name. See, I'm an awesome friend :D).

To be honest, I didn't post it because I couldn't find it. :P

Edit: Mario Strikers Charged Football microsite is up. Click here to visit it.
Not much on it now, but it says: 'Full Microsite Coming Soon' so hopefully they'll be more content soon... very soon.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, i knew you would finish storyline on spiderman 3 before the weekend is over

isnt every day for you laziness and relaxation?

haha, the friend who took that picture wont be happy when he reads this

courtesy of Mohammad El Diablo Cheese man lover dude


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