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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Douchebag? Potato?

It's official. You're a douchebag. Why? I dunno. You just are, theres no reasoning behind stuff like this. You just know. Now go sit in the corner and... er... do some douchebag stuff.

Whilst we're talking about douchebags:



You know you love it.

Click here.

In other news: Apparently, today is NATIONAL POTATO DAY. Yes, thats right. National Potato Day... in Peru. Damn you Peru! Why do you always get national holidays around food and we don't.

All I need now is for someone to tell me that somewhere like Spain have a day where they throw tomatoes at each other!

*whisper whisper*


Oh and just a quick rant about MSCF. Last night, I had my first problem with it. I kept getting a 'Error 98020' everytime I tried to get to Nintendo WFC. I was so pissed. The potato thing isn't helping either. I hope it'll be ok now. According to the forums, other people were getting it too. Thank god, other people are suffering too. You have no idea how many flame wars broke out in a heated discussion on one of the forums...

Thats it for today.

Don't forget: DO NOT CLICK.

Did you fall for it?

If yes, I told you so...

EDIT: The online feature for MSCF seems to be working again. And I got my first friendly - didn't seem like it - game with Lewis. I pwned his ass. Won the series 2-1. Well, at least he took the manly way out... and blamed it on his brother. Nice try Lewis! He put a valiant fight, but to no avail. My amazing skills overpowered him. Oh and another thing, my points seem to be reseted for some reason! Now I have no points! I was dead high up the league as well. *sigh*

EDIT2: Because Lewis wants to get all technical and into the details... Here are the scores for our three games. It's first to five wins. :)

1. 5 - 3 to Lewis (Lewis leads series 1 - 0)
2. 5 - 4 to me (Series drawn at 1 - 1)
3. 5 - 1 to me ( I win :P )

1. Here's some more details. In the 1st game - where Lewis won - I was multi-tasking, I didn't want to hurt Lewis' feelings but it's gotta be said. I was eating and playing at the same time. Sweet. My two favourite things together.

2. Originally it was 4 - 1. Then Lewis staged a remarkable come-back to make it 4 - 4. It stayed like that for what seemed like eternity until a pass, a chip, then a bicycle kick by Waluigi ended it. With me winning 5 - 4. Awesome. This was also the one Lewis passed the wiimote to Phil because he had to 'move something for his nana.' Phil let in two megastrike goals. If Lewis thought it through some more, he would have gotten Phil to move it. Duh.

3. I really pwn3d Lewis in this game. 5 - 1. He didn't stand a chance. Once I got into my stride there was nothing he could do. Not much to say about this game, but OWN3D!!!

MSCF Online Hitlist

  • Lewis
  • Gavin
  • Tom B
  • Tom L
  • The dude who is ranked number 1
  • Anyone else who has the game online...

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