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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

WTF you doing here?

Today was our form-dubbed, self-proclaimed 'Pirate Day.'  But more about that later.

Maths was first and we had to hand in our mock exam papers.  Ah crap.

It was a toughie as well (but that's to be expected since I'm taking Further Maths).  But I didn't let this trouble me and handed it in.  The lesson was good, and laughs were frequent.  And biscuits followed since it was the last lesson we were having this half term with Sue.

Oh and she didn't do our PI (Performance Indicators) things.  Why?  Well, she had a valid reason.  She planned to do it yesterday night but her house got burgled.  That must have been pretty bad.

I think we should have a moment of silence for Sue... 's house.

<1 minute passes>

See?  Don't you just feel like a better person?


Anyway, moving on.  Tutor was next.  And turns out hardly anyone dressed up as pirates anyway.  There was one male student dressed up as one.  And there were about 6/7 female students dressed up.  The others that didn't were demoted to wearing crappy newspaper hats.  That included me.  There were also two people that came in to talk about EMA and whatnot.  Ah...  I wasn't even listening.  I was dreaming about half-term in all it's free-time glory.

Even though I was meant to be raising money for charity (testicular and prostate cancer charity, for that matter) I cba.  Since I had no lessons left.

It also seemed like a bunch of other forms also had ideas about dressing up for charity.  I saw someone come in with pink PJs on.  And a bunch of girls dressed up as nurses - I walked right past them and there was only one real looker in them.  Well, from what I could tell.  You have no idea how packed the corridors are at breaks.  It's almost to the point of breaking the walls, and if you stand for too long it feels like your suffocating...


Oh and what the title means.  I almost forgot.  At break, I was standing outside the LRC (Learning Resource Center...  Basically a posh name for: 'Library') with Suhaib and Lucas when I noticed...


Despite being Franklin's biggest rival in the area, Franklin still let Grimsby advertise at their college.  Aw... how nice of them.

And how stupid.

But upon further inspection, they were advertising the Uni courses they were offering.  The 'upon further inspection' bit meant I went up and had a gander.

I chatted with the woman there about random things - that had nothing whatsoever to do about what she was trying to advertise here.  Took a booklet thing and ran off.


Ok, maybe not ran off.  I walked off while waving and stood a few feet away, talking with Lucas and Suhaib.  But hey, it's close enough.

Also, below is the cover of the booklet I stole obtained from the desk.  It's not a prospectus, but it'll do.  It'll do...


As you can see.  It looks... from black & whitish.  But I think that's the effect they're going for.

Actually speaking of prospectuses, it recalls a distant memory from my Grimsby College Media Student years.  You must be thinking: 'Oh dear god.  Please no flashback.'  Well, too bad.  My blog, my rules... or something.

It all started on a warm, sunny Summer's day.  The sky was blue, the bird's were singing and there was no cloud in sight.  But we were stuck inside doing media.  Ok, maybe I don't really remember what the weather was like, but I got to start it off somehow, right?

Anyway, at the end of the lesson a photographer came in and wanted to take some photos.  I reluctantly stayed behind for the greater good (as the camera lens would have broke for anyone else... joke joke... please don't kill me) - and this happens all the time; to show your 'diverse' range of students you always have to have a photo of an Asian or Black kid.  It's simple business model.  Well anyway, somehow Daisy was also told to stay behind for the picture.  And so did Aaron.

Fortunately, the photographer decided to remove Aaron's ugly mug from the photo and have him hold the camera.  So, I ended up having to sit on the right side of a chair, shared by Daisy.  At first, we sat with a gap comparable to the Grand Canyon itself.

But after numerous urges by the photographer we somehow ended up touching, shoulder-to-shoulder.  Then he said that we were still not close enough so I ended up having to put more arm round her.  I was running late and needed to catch everyone up anyway, so I thought: 'Screw it.'  And yes, it was awkward.

He took the photo, and off he pranced.  Happy as a bunny.

We didn't hear form him in a while.  Then, a few weeks later, someone tells me to look through the prospectus and surprise surprise the photo ends up in there.  So, I ended up being in the Grimsby College Prospectus for '07 for the whole of Grimsby to see.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I cannot find this photo anymore.  So you don't get to laugh at me or poke fun or anything.  Ha.

I swear I have been condemned to hell forever.

Btw, say the following in a rhythmical manner: ~It's story time, oh yes it is~

Oh yes,  the long-awaited next chapter of the now-infamous JUNCTION SWORDS.  As follows:


Gavin's look-a-like pushed it open to reveal a beam of light.  It was blinding.

My eyes finally got accustomed to the light and I peered into the room.  Our look-a-likes had already started to make their way across the room.

I looked around.  The room was completely white.  There's no premise to where the walls started or the floor ends.  And in the middle is one solitary table, with 8 chairs round it.  The table was also pure white, and the only way to define it out from the background was the black trims around the edges.  The chairs also sported a light-colour, a light-grayish tint.  They were of simple design - like a carpenter just decided to smack a few pieces of wood together and call it a chair.

'What are you waiting for?  Sit down already.'  My look-a-like said, now with his feet perched atop the table and leaning back onto two chair legs.  His voice resonated across the room.  Strangely, there were no echoes.

'Haha!  Leave them be.  They're just being cautious.'  Said Gavin's look-a-like who looked surprisingly happy-go-lucky.  'Hell, I'd check every goddamned thing in this room for traps first before I even consider entering it; if I was in their situation.'  My look-a-like simply nodded in agreement and stared off into space.  Looking like he was very far away.

Gavin, finally deciding that the coast was clear and everything was fine, made his way to the table.  I quickly followed, as did the others.

We sat down solemnly, opting to sit on the opposite side of the round table.  Our look-a-likes were facing us.  No one spoke for the majority of what seemed like an hour.

Gimely finally couldn't take anymore.  He stood up and smacked his hands (or paws???) onto the table.  He looked disgruntled.  'Well?  Aren't you guys going to tell us anything?  We've been sitting here like brain-dead zombies for ages!'

My look-a-like didn't flinch one bit, as he continued to stare into the same space he had been for the whole of the time.  Gavin's look-a-like shot a quick glance at Gimely.  Who promptly sat back down, understanding this cue.

He replied:  'We could start now.  But then we'd be giving insufficient information.'

'WTF does that mean?'  Gimely asks.  This time, sitting down, looking slightly ashamed by his previous outburst.

'That basically means:  We've got to wait for the other two to arrive first.'

Who are the other two?

What does this all mean?

Where's my cake?*

All will become clear in the next few installments.



Damn you for living woman... damn you forever!

But you got to say, it's really catchy.

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