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Saturday, 27 October 2007

Story time at last =P

'Lucky to make it back alive!' Gimely yelled

'Well you see, Marodeth is the strongest living evil person ever. We were sent to the Key world to kill Marodeth, we got very close to completely our objective but Marodeth used the last of energy to blow up the the battle ground and retreated and thought we were destroyed in the blast' WJUK explained.

'So, how did you survive?' I asked

Look-a-like me stood up and walked off somewhere and came back with something in a bag.

'What's that?' Lewis asked

'What we are going to show is one of a kind' Gavin said.

Gavin unzipped the bag and put his hand into the bag and pulled an object out

'What is that?' All three of us said at once.

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