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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Wintringham Celebration Event Evening - UPDATED

Yea, that's the name of the event.  I reckon my name was totally more kik-ass but meh.

I wasn't really going to post since there wasn't a lot to talk about.  I could have left it until tomorrow.  But one thing couldn't wait.  And because of it Daisy (apparently) has been refreshing this very page repeatedly for the last hour or so.  Yea, you bet your life it's important.

The victim in the whole of this is kind of innocent, so I will leave out his name.

But according to extremely reliable sources (namely Ashley, Laura & co.):


Yes, that is the most revolting thing I have ever heard.  And is wrong in so many ways.  The person mentioned is a close friend of mine, and he's not exactly happy about this 'ethereal experience.'  Ashley went so far as to say that he has become an 'invader of dreams' which is ok of a title.  But I would have preferred this:  'The stealthy assassin of defiled dreams.'  I'm sure you would agree with me there.

Ok, moving on to less vomit-inducing stuff.  Kate forgot to bring the CD, which is disappointing - but in the end, I wasn't that surprised.  But what was more disappointing was that Bentley & Lewis failed to show up.  That really sucks.  Lewis had a valid reason (he moved house) but Bentley.  Seriously, I'm ashamed.  You have disgraced the (already-tarnished) school name.

Although Lewis did have a little rant with me when I got home.  Saying stuff like he didn't know.  He says he 'didn't miss much' but I know he wanted to be there.  In hindsight, I'm kind of at fault here - which is usually.  I could have told him about it.  Hell, I could have told Phil today to tell him.  But it's too late now.

The event started off on a less than cheery note.  It was a speech from Bowman (headteacher).  Argh.  I hate these.  It consists of odd looks by other people, crying kids and phones ringing at inappropriate times.  Then Tony Ford (a retired football-player [to the right]); the guest; decided to have a few words.  You know what it roughly includes: thanks, proud etc.  Then it was the certificate.  Gavin got called up first, like he always does.  Which brings back memories.

But then it was finally refreshment time.  Which sucked.  The food was sh*t.  No, I mean sh*t.  I took one bite out of the fruit-cake and threw it in the bin.  That may not have been the school's fault, since I don't see how that works anyway.  You're not suppose to combine healthy food (fruit) with unhealthy food (cake). It just doesn't work!  The end result is generally less than satisfactory since it defeats the whole purpose of unhealthy food in the first place and they combine to give a crappy sensation in the mouth.  The drinks were also watered down (especially the first-batch of orange juice) and I didn't bother trying any of the hot drinks.

Moving on from food (I never thought I's say type that).  There have been a bunch of changed that happened to the school and it's really strange being there not as a student but as a college student.  See the difference?  There were multi-coloured chairs in the canteen now - which are actually quite comfy.  I managed to dive onto a giant stack of them (sliding about halfway across the room in the process) without it falling over.  They were sturdy too.

Then there was the addition of the drinking fountain in the corridor.  Which looks kinda crappy.  It had two tiles above it.  Just randomly.  I swear the builders just went: 'Hm... the fountain looks a bit lonely.  Let's add some tiles.'  It also looks out of proportion there I reckon, since it's right next to the toilets.  Which, as you know, has taps.  Which also dispense water.  D'oh.

Another thing was that at one point I was stuck talking to Mr Monaghan as the others run off to check out the darkened corridors.  I have great friends.  Not.

I watched them as they frolicked off in a large group, laughing away.  As I stood there watching them go, while listening to Mr Monaghan.  Lemme show you part of the conversation:


Monaghan:  So, how you doing in college?

Me:  Good good.

Monaghan:  ...

Me:  ...

Random passer-by:  *In high-pitched voice* AWWWWKWARD!

Me:  ...

Monaghan:  ...


Yea, you get the idea.

Although I did enjoy seeing some of the teachers again.  But all they really did was ask the same thing:  how you doing?  College?  Good?  Done.  Ba-da-bing ba-da-boom gone.

There may have been other stuff that I missed out but I'm sure Gavin could fill you in on some details.

Oh and right at the end of the night.  My mum came to pick me up and I was over halfway down the street.


Yes, she did.  So a quick good-bye later I find myself sprawling down the street chasing this car like a mad man.  I easily ran 400/500 metres non-stop, full-sprint.  I swear she did that on purpose.

And that little run there has filled up my whole exercise quota for the next year or so.

Well, have a good night and I hope to see you again tomorrow!



Oh and Daisy.  WTF?


*Psst... wingdinds... *hint hint*


UPDATE:  Here are some pictures!  Of the booklet thing they had on the tables.  Yes, I stole it.  So what?


Sorry about the poor image quality and everything.  But I blame it on the paper.  It was crappy paper.  And it was purple!

Anyway.  And also while I was doing this I heard some more details of Daisy's dream, from the woman herself.

Just because I'm too lazy to type, here's the chat transcript:

Daisy says (22:26):
did you actually gettold what he said in my dream?

Daisy says (22:26):

did you actually gettold what he said in my dream?


John says (22:26):

Daisy says (22:26):
in mydream
we was drunk
at a skins secret party
and I said I needed alcohol
and he said no you need cock
and we startedkissing

John says (22:26):
did u just wake up then?

John says (22:27):
cos, by natural progression...

Daisy says (22:29):
thank god
but wewas laid down
on a floor

John says (22:29):
oh dear god

John says (22:30):
i am glad i wasnt in that dream

Daisy says (22:30):

John says (22:30):
thats probably the start

John says (22:31):
next thing u'll kno u'll hav worse dreams
which are probably goin to be spread around more

Daisy says (22:32):
I'm gonna tell youif I have more

John says (22:32):
im sure u will

Daisy says (22:33):
bye xx

John says (22:33):

Oh dear lord.  Why me?

Anyway, as you can see the details are rather unpleasant.  And I swear she was lying when she said:  'THANKGOD I WOKE UP' because:

1) She didn't want to wake up.


2) She didn't wake up.


Hm... conspiracy...  So if number 2 is correct, by the natural laws of progression (and nature) they probably went all the way...  *shudders at the thought*  That's just wrong dude.  Well, if not all the way... at least 3rd base.  What?  It's Daisy we're talking bout here.

She's going to kill me.

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