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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Where have I been? I'll tell you where I've been.

Nowhere in particular.

It's just that I've been kinda busy lately.  You know with college and everything.  And Halloween and Christmas creeping up on me so soon, like a stealthily-trained uber-ninja.  Yea, it's the thing most bloggers fear.

Life has caught up to them.

It happens to the best of us.  One day we'll wake up and find the fridge empty and upon further inspection will found out that the last time we've been outside was... about a month ago.  And that can't be good.  So we must then brave the outdoors in search of food and drink and what-not.  And our first stop takes us to a shop owned by a creepily ominous woman; who, in a bizarre turn of events, equips us with a sword and shield and various assortments of armour and pushes us into a purple-looking void to do battle in a separate dimension...

Sorry, my mind wandered again.

But anyway, point is:  Blogging daily has become increasingly difficult with places to go, people to meet, classes to fall asleep in  etc.  It's just not possible.  It's one of those things where only people equivalent to the likes of, say, Superman can cope with.  Although I can't say holding an alter-ego as a blogger is as hectic as having Superman as an alter-ego.

Superman... is that you?  WTF happened to you?

I also received my statement of entry for my exams in January.  I have four.  Which might not sound like a hell of a lot but take into account that: THREE OF THEM ARE MATHS.  Then it becomes a social (nevermind intellectual) nightmare.

To add insult to injury, two of the maths exams (C1 & C2) are on the same day.  What's a guy got to do to get some rest round here?  Sheesh...

Anyway, that bout sums up my past & future.  Now for the present.  Nothing is as awesome as the present... except presents.

Well, today was another monotonous college-day, same things happen.  Learn (to a certain extent), talk, laugh, sleep.  Repeat.

I also seemed to have a headache today (but when do I not?) - it's probably due to the lack of sleep, but no biggie.  I can live with it.  It's just what happened in lesson that I cannot live with.  It's horrible.  Just imagine the scariest thing you have ever seen/heard/felt then multiply that by 1000 or so.  And you get the idea.

Basically in maths we were doing LONG DIVISION.


Unless your a total maths fanatic, or genius or something (or maths teacher).  EVERYONE HATES LONG DIVISION.  You've got to agree with me there.  But what made it worse was we were doing long division with ALGEBRA (letters).

Yes.  We were doing sums like these:

That's the scaled down version.  Click on it to se the full, burly, beast version of it.

You must be saying OMFG!  or something along those lines.  And your thinking correctly.  That's only a page of work.  In that lesson alone I used up about 10 pages.  Not including when we were writing on the actual sheets.  And then take into account that I have 6 (yes, SIX) lesson a week, that's about 60 pages a week.  And I spend about 30/40 weeks at college.  If I take that as about 35 weeks that means, annually (yearly) I will use about 2100 sheets of paper.

I think I'm directly contributing to Global Warming (in a tree-related, roundabout way) by using this much paper.

Well, that's life I guess.  And also the direct result of choosing the hardest maths course currently available to a 16 year-old.

I also get homework (or "extension work", as they call it since they said: 'the word "homework" scares some people"  - I have no idea whether or not I should pity the people or laugh at them).  Nothing special, right?  I get homework every lesson.  Still not quite special?  Remember, I'm doing Further Maths.  Which is basically doing THREE TIMES MORE WORK THAN THE NORMAL MATHS GROUP.  Just remember that.  Now think about my homework.

I also have some media work that's meant to be in for tomorrow... and I haven't done it.  Well, it's not exactly written work it's just thinking of ways to represent myself in a photo tomorrow.  I'm sure I can wing that.  Probably do a shot of me just shrugging.  And also photoshop in a question mark above my head.  ROFL.

Kate has also notified me to meet her tomorrow at College.  Apparently she has a dvd to give me with a video on...

Not that kind of video, you dirty b*stard.

It's (according to Kate) a video of when we were going to Caistor.


Yea, I have no idea when or where that was but it's good enough for me.  Casitor... why the hell did we go to Caistor?

I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Story.  Well, it's progressing nicely.  That's all I have to add.  And now that the "Strogl story arc" is basically over it's going to be a pain in the ass of thinking up something new.  Hey... wait a second... it's not over yet...


I was in a deep sleep and just enjoying some time to relax and chill-out without having to be in fear of chasing lizards or frolicking pirates etc.


I was suddenly waken by a familiar voice.  I sat up and opened my eyes.  I still felt tired and my body was aching all over.  It was Lewis.

'Hurry!  You've got to help!'  Lewis was breathless and was struggling to stand up.  I looked at his legs, he was shaking all over.  This can't be good.

I grabbed him by the shoulders.  'Ok, Lewis.  Get a hold of yourself.  Take a deep breath.'

Lewis failed to do so.  'B-but!  We have no time-'

I slapped him.  He fell backwards, he regained his footing quickly and got back up.  He's certainly improved somewhat.

'What was that for?'  He asked, rubbing his red cheek.

'So that you can get yourself under control.'  I replied nonchantly as I moved out of bed - reluctantly - and started putting on my clothes.  After spending so long in bed, my clothes felt rough and coarse.  It probably didn't help that I hadn't changed these clothes in a while.  My shoes were relatively fine, but it didn't look like it could last very long.

Lewis began to speak again as I was heading towards the door.  'It's horrible.  You won't believe it.'

'Oh really?  Try me.  I've battled giant lizards and won a fight through using someone's pee.  I'm sure I can handle this.'

Lewis blushed a bit at the statement of the pee but he regained his composure and continued.  'Outside there's a-'

I opened the door.

And my jaw dropped.

'I told you, that you won't believe it.'


Lewis and his smart-ass comments.  Lol.

Is Gavin thinking what I am thinking?  Or is he thinking in a totally different and radical way?

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