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Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Damn Early Mornings!

My 2nd day at Franklin was good, apart from the waking up.  I find it's really taking a lot of me this days...

Today was actually pretty awesome since I had one lesson then tutor, then I could go home.  Sweet.  And to further the sweet sweet icing on the cake, since we had nothing to do in tutor we got to leave EARLY!  Yay!  About an hour early in fact!  Yay!

I spent the rest of the day laundering round the house, doing sweet FA!

College life rawks.

Not much else happened today.  I almost missed the deadline to blog.  Almost.  But it's still before 12 now so I'm good.

Oh!  And I saw Kate today in the corridor, she walked passed me.  I think she missed me or something (I have no idea how though).

Since everyone likes videos, here's one more!

You're either going to:

A) LMAO at this so much

B) Be disgusted

C) Blush I did A.

What did you do?


Additionally, Ash IMed me - for the first time in donkey's years.  And this is what he said (actually chat transcript - includes no punctuation and wrong spellings;  I warned you):

ok i aint spoke to u in a while but this needs to b drawn to ur attention aaron pritchard posted a bulliten on myspace and on it was the following
this is jus a quik msg to all the people who lost their lives during the attack on the twin towers!
seriously i thought he was smarter than that

And this was my reply:  'lmao'

Nice.  Anyway, Aaron (the dumbass) is either messing around or plain dumb.  I'm thinking the latter.  You may remember him from this post.  He will be dubbed the king of dumbasses and general crackheads.

Due to time restraints -and general laziness- the story is postponed from this post.  It's 11:59 now so I just made it.  Phew.

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