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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Kate's Party: During & The Aftermath

Sorry about the lack of updates for the last few days but I couldn't help it.  It's been over 24 hours since Kate's party and I still have a slight headache.

Everything at the party (and after that, for that matter) seems like a distant memory.  A very vague distant memory.

I can remember how it started... I think.

Met up with Ashley & Gavin.  I recall me and Ashley standing outside the main gate of Franklin College; unsure if Gavin was actually coming or not.  Since Ashley was indecisive on whether or not Gavin will be waiting for him to picking him up.  And fortunately (or unfortunately - depending on your preferences) Gavin appeared at the end of the street.  Noticeably flustered.  Probably because of the strong wind.

Walked on over to Kate's house.  Her address?

Oh, why it's (highlight):

You f*cking pedophile.

Anyway, moving swiftly onto what actually happened at the party.  At the beginning there were only a few people there (don't ask me who was 'cos I seriously have no bloody idea).  People started to break out the alcohol and you know what happens then...

There was also this weird Orange & Chilli alcohol drink that was passed around.  Apparently it 'burned' the tongue.  Guess what?  No, it doesn't.  Some people were either over-reacting loads or were not good with chilli.

Then I recall Matthew dishing out some vodka and after that things spiraled out of control... I think.

Gavin started drop-kicking people and some other people (me included) joined in.  There were some satanic rituals performed over the wood-burner.  And some other crazy-ass stuff happened.

About the wood-burner.  And even after Kate's numerous attempts and warnings about playing with it... we still did.  We even played "Fatal Jenga" on it using the wood that we were suppose to burn (Kate did not allow me to cut fresh wood).  People were also spitting alcohol on it and stuff.

At about 7/8, I don't remember.  I remember being close to passing out.  And just fell half-unconscious onto the sofa.  Which is surprisingly comfy - everyone agreed on that point.  I have no idea how long I slept, but lemme tell you:

Not much sleep + alcohol + party + Gavin + wood-burner =  (Close to, if not) Passing out.

After some time I felt my stomach churning.  And it was churning real bad.

I got up as quick as I can.  While holding my hand to my mouth, to stop the impending vomit.

Didn't feel nice.  According to eye-witness accounts (mainly Ashley's): 'Dude, that was f*cking amazing.  You totally projectile vomited.  I should have recorded it.'

Then later Gavin & Ashley decided to make themselves vomits (bulimic?) to "join the club."  Ah, I guess when one person starts people just gotta follow.

Some other wild s*it happened and I promise I'll post a more detailed overview tomorrow (if I can remember more of it anyway) as it's too late now.  And I haven't been on the internet for donkey's years (because of: sleeping).  So, if I get on tomorrow I may be able to get some pictures of it... maybe.  Don't get your hopes up.

This post is ending here.

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