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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

New shoes, New bag, New Blog on the BlogRoll!

First things first.

I finally (and I mean finally) got some new trainers!  Yay!

They cost a hefty sum but it was worth it.  And here they are:

Unwittingly, I also have to buy size 8 shoes now!  Which is a pretty unbalanced ratio when it is in comparison to my height.  But anyway, being a size 8 meant shoes cost more... which sucks.

But it was well worth it, and I think I'm going to be wearing these shoes for a while - probably because I won't have enough money to buy new shoes in a while.

I also got a new bag, but it's nothing much to talk about.  It's a standard bag - which I'm going to use for college.

Now onto some more blog-orientated news.

I have officially added 'Mike Baker The LoveMaker' to the Blog Roll.  He only just started blogging yesterday and he's already got 5 posts up!  Amazing, although that's probably years of hatred and gossip vented out into 5 posts.  Some of them are actually pretty long!  Unlike a certain blog that has gone dormant for quite a while...

And plus, in his first post alone.  He made one of the most memorable and unforgettable pictures (allegedly with MS Paint) that man has ever seen.

You can see such picture below:

LMAO!  That's amazing, he's got the head to body proportion just right.  lol

As you may have noticed, it's Daisy (again).

It almost rivals my priceless picture.  Below.

 Almost the key word there.

LMAO!  I still ROFL at my own creation everytime I see it!  Probably my best work of art ever.  Period.

Anyway enough of mick-taking.  Remember Mike's blog is on the BlogRoll (on the sidebar, dumbass) but if you're too much of a lazy-ass to search for the easily findable, obviously places and accessible BlogRoll then here's the link:

Mike Baker The LoveMaker

Now moving onto the next thing upon my agenda for today.

The always omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent...

No, it's not Chuck Norris - although I have to credit him (and his chin fist) on creating the universe and everything.  Thanks for that Chuck, you did all of us a large favour, since most of us are such procrastinating b******s that we can't do it ourselves.

Anyway, it's the story.


'So, how we gonna get out of this endless corridor maze thing?'  Gavin asked, his breathing slowly returning to normal.

Gimely butted in before I could reply, he argued:  'I think we should just blast all hole in the wall and keep going forward!'  And with that Gimely used one of his swords to swipe a make-shift door on the wall.

It fell forward and almost hit my foot.  Behind it was...


It was still the wall.  It seems there is a wall behind the wall.

'Why am I getting a bad feeling.  It's like we've been placed strategically in a Dr. Seuss book.'  Gavin said.

Gimely disliking the idea of a wall behind a wall decided to hack away at the wall that was hidden behind the wall but now was revealed due to Gimely hacking open the wall.

What appeared behind the wall that was behind the wall astounded us more.  It was yet another wall!

'This can't be happening.  It's bound to run out of walls sometime.'  Gimely said as he continued to pierce though the god-forbidden walls.  It turns out that it could happen.

By the time Gimely had made it through his twenty-something wall I was tired of this.

'Ok, that's enough.  We're getting out of here.'


'...'  I paused in thought.  'I have no idea.'

Gavin did an anime style jaw-drop at my honest answer.  Gimely hearing the commotion decided to climb out of the hole in the wall.  'What's the fuss about?'

'We're blowing this joint.'  I responded.  With the full movie pose and everything.

'How are we going to do that exactly?'  Gimely asked.  Gavin nodded agreeing to what Gimely said.

'We kill the mastermind behind this maze...'


What devilish scheme have I thought of this time?

Who knows?


EDIT:  I've been wasting away waiting for Prime to grace our weathered shores.  And this comic isn't helping...

Although it is funny.  Which makes it all better.


Leeman said...

Noice shoes.

Do you know what the caligraphy thing says?

WJUK said...

Yea, it says 'Forty' in what we call (roughly translated): 'Large Writing'


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