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Monday, 24 September 2007

Damn you WJUK

You always make me come up with the ideas. Plus, I bet you have some better ideas then me. You are just lazy, buckle down young man and do some work =P

Anyways on with the story.

WJUK started to fight back and I just rolled out the way of Lewis's hand.

WJUK glanced over and yelled 'WTF! What about our plan?'

'Erm...You never actually told me, you just screamed now' I yelled back while constantly dodging attacks.

'Oh Yeah, I would of assumed you knew what to do.'

'Erm... nope, I can't read minds yet' I yelled back

'Hmm, good point' He laughed and ran towards me dogding Lewis's hands

'Heres the plan' WJUK said

Muwhahahaha, WJUK get thinking of a plan.

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