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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Lost in Confusion

We took endless turn after turn, occasionally hitting a dead end but finding our way through this endless maze seemed impossible.

We had to stop for a few minutes to recover from the running.

'How long have we been running?' WJUK said breathing quite heavyly

'About 15 minutes, I think' I panted back

'Okay, we will start again in a minute' WJUK said, drawing one of his swords and sliced the wall leaving a mark on it. 'Lets go'

We started to run again.

'What was that' I asked WJUK

'Just a hunch I have' He replied.

We carried on running. Turning round endless corners





Every so often WJUK would glance over his shoulder looking at a wall.

We carried on running. What was WJUK thinking?

WJUK glanced over his shoulder again, I glanced back aswell.

I saw it, the mark he had put on the wall.

'Took your time noticing it' WJUK laughed

'Well, how long were you planning on making us run?' I asked

'Until you noticed' WJUK laughed as he stopped running

What was going on?

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