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Friday, 7 September 2007

Introductory Day ~ 5K!

Yea, today was Franklin College's Introductory Day for 1st years.  And it was satisfactory for me.

Could have been better though.

For starters it was really early.  Then to make things worse, I knew no one in my tutor group.  But I guess it's meant to be like that so you meet knew people and all - besides there were like 10 of us actually going to Franklin.

But the real kicker was I couldn't find anyone that was taking the same classes as me.  A few people took media - but they were in a separate group.  I'm unsure about Further Maths, seeing as I know that one person is taking it.  Seeing as it is Further Maths I'm thinking there should only be one group - so technically he should be in my group.  It's hardly any condolences though.

I'm also too tired to go into anything in-depth today.  I'm sorry about that.  Gavin should be posting some time in the near seeable future.  He was going to post earlier but Blogger began to hate him again.

That is stopped working for him.  Which is basically the same thing, right?

We've reached it people.  5K hits!

It took 161 days to get 5000 hits but it was worth it.  Yes, let it be known throughout the land that it took 161 days from the conception of this here blog, for it to reach 5000 hits.  Nice.

I don't have anything to celebrate this momentous occasion; since I've been so busy myself... with... er... you know... college... and sleeping.  It takes quite a lot of energy to sleep, you know.

Anyway, do whatever you want to celebrate.  Have a mental party, a cyber party, toga party or whatever.  Now we look forward to 10000 hits!

Onward into the unforeseeable future.

That is not orange by the way.

Story time.

Would type more 'cept so very tired.

Will try to not slack off below.


'Yes, launch.'  I replied readying myself.  'Right to the back, if possible.'

Gavin & Gimely asked no more as I stepped up onto their swords.

And with one mighty push I found myself hurled across the seemingly-endless room.  Even if the room seemed endless the crowd sure wasn't.

I soon reached the back of the crowd and landed.  The landing would have got top marks for execution.

The crowd had followed me with their gaze and I had to act quickly.  The one that was right at the back was attempting to move into the pack.

No chance.

I drew, like a bullet coming out of the barrel of a gun.  My sword ended up in the chest of Gurmido.

'But how did you know?'  Gurmido said while the millions of fake incarnations disappeared into thin air.

'Easy.  You'd put yourself as far away from the action as possible.  And no where is as far as this.'  I said, pulling out my sword.  Gurmido screamed out in pain from this.

'Very well.  I will have to use my last resort.'  Gurmido drew his sword again.  It does look different.  For a start, the sword was just a hilt.  No actual blade was there.  'As you may recall.  I am the head of the technological department.'

I noticed Gavin & Gimely making there way towards us.  They were quite far away.

'Yes, I remember you telling us that.  So what?'

'Well, be ready to meet my latest creation.'  With that he pressed a button on the hilt and immediately a laser beam type thing shot out of the hilt.  Reminding me of lightsabers from the Star Wars movies.  'This, my latest creation, is my fuzz-saber.'

I burst out into laughter.  'WTF?  Fuzz-saber?!  That's like the worse name possible for something like that.'

He didn't look happy.  'Well, let's see shall we.  You don't like the name, and you'll hate the blade even more...'



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