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Friday, 14 September 2007

New Grow Game: GROW ISLAND!

I don't know about you but I've always been a fan of the GROW games.

And just recently the dude who makes them (some Japanese guy... I think) released GROW Island.  Well, that's what it's been dubbed anyway.  You can find it here:

GROW Island

I've already beaten the game -without a walkthrough... *cough* *cough*- and I've got to say it's probably the BEST one yet.  It's really amazing.  He somehow even gets in sexual reproduction AND a big dog monster that comes out the volcano and spews some lava thing from it's ear... creepy.

Obviously, most of you won't be able to complete it on your own (there's 8 choices... which means that it has a possible combination of...  16777216.  Who said maths doesn't help in everyday life?).  So I found a walkthrough for you; obviously, I didn't use it.  Lol.

Walkthrough here:  WALKTHROUGH - cheating person.

If you have time check out the previous GROW games, they're awesome.  I won't post a link to them here, seeing as they're are pretty easy to find.  If you can't find it your a noob.

Today college was good.  Actually better than good.

That's why Friday is the best weekday of the week.  It -unquestionably- isn't better than the weekend days but it's still a good day.


Well, for starters I pretty much have the whole day off.  Only Media in the morning and it's bye bye college; hello bed.  Sweet...

The only bummer (again) was waking up early.  I'm still having trouble with that since I sleep late.  Damn.

What else made things worse today was that I have a slight cold.  *sigh*  Lately I've been more susceptible to disease.  It sucks.  I guess when people get older they are more likely to get ill.  I don't think I'm that old... am I?

Regardless I'm pleased to say that the media lesson (the only lesson of the day today) had ,hardly, any mention of monkeys in today.  There were slight bits where we would say 'monkeys' for the hell of it.  We also managed to call ourselves: 'Team Monkey'  Just for the record, I didn't vote for that name.  Anyway, the lesson was about music.  Which sucks, not the music - it's just that I don't listen to music much.  It's just not what I do I guess.

We started off just talking about the music genres and stuff.  Nothing special to note about.  Then Ginny (her name.  Shortened from Virginia... I believe) shouted:  'Quiz time!'

Our immediate responses -following a long lineage of student facial horror expressions - were obviously among the lines of: 'WTF?!  IT'S LIKE THE FIRST LESSON WE'VE HAD WITH YOU!!!  QUIZ?! NOW?!'  She really scared us sh*tless.

She replied calmly and collectively; I guess she's done this many times:  'Too bad.  The music quiz is carrying on regardless.'

Music quiz...?

Yea, turns out it was one of those 'Guess what the artist, track and genre of the music is!'  quiz.  Which sucks for me as I just sat there nodding: 'Yes.'  'Er... yea... that's right.'  'Correct.'

We managed to get an astounding 56/60 points.  With none of my help obviously.

THEN (yea, there's more) we had to write a music review!  OMFG!  That was even more suckage for me since it was individual this time.  My English skills are above average but music... f*ck.  She handed out pages of reviews from different magazines (heat, Q) and showed a review on the NME website.  And left us to do our work.  Sometimes I think college lessons are just a bit too long.  But, who doesn't think that?

I ended up writing about Snow Patrol, since that was the only music (that I know the name of anyway) that I've heard of in the last few days.  Obviously, it was very generalised and short.  No, seriously.  It was a helluva generalisation.

I believe I made no mention of the album title, any song titles or anything.  I don't think Ginny is gonna like that.



I think that's enough embarrassing stuff about me for one day.

Right now as I speak my sisters are watching 'One Piece' again.  They're only no episode 150 odd which means they've got about 200 episodes left.  *sigh*  I'm not much better though, I've started reading 'Eyeshield 21' and I'm thoroughly enjoying every single bit.  It's an insanely funny manga.  But I've got a hell of a way to catch up to the latest chapters.

Anyway, while we're on the subject of story-like things... you know what's coming up, right?

The next exciting installment in the uber-hyper successful good-for-nothing unnamed franchise!  Of this blog.


Lewis looked shocked.  Even from this distance, I could tell through his body language.

'NO WAY!'  He was in aftershock now.  'This can't be.  STROGL ATTACK THE MECHS!'

'They're coming.'


We split up.  Compared to our mechs, the Strogl were small fry.  Like giants vs bugs we squashed the Strogl into oblivion.  Our previous fatigue felt like nothing.  Lewis on the other hand...

'That's impossible... M-my ultimate f-fighting machines... destroyed... my children*...'  Lewis roared out in pain and sorrow.  He fell to his knees.  I looked up -my heart ached slightly- I pitied him.  Not as enemies...  But as a friend.

'He he...  Ha ha... HAHAHAHAHA!'  Lewis suddenly bursted out into maniacal laughter.  W... T... F?  'I didn't want to use this... but I have no choice now...  although they are no where near finished...'  He pressed a button on a side panel wall.  The ship shook again.  It rumbled like when the mechs came.

'... Something... Something is coming...'  I said, looking all around to try and perceive where it could possibly come from.

Gavin -doing the same thing- replied.  'Something big.'

Gimely added onto the end: 'Something real big.'


A short installment this time.  Just to ratchet up the tension.  Just like fine-tuning a guitar or other musical instrument.  It's best when it's done right.


And because I'm sick and feeling lazy today.  Although I feel lazy everyday.


*Lewis refers to the Stogl as his 'children' this is not a literal meaning.  He did not -I repeat- did not give birth to the Strogl through the means of Sexual Reproduction.  Rather, what he means is:  He nurtured and trained and made the Strogl and he raised them like his own.  Dumbass.

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