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Monday, 17 September 2007

Quick! We can get 2 Aeros!

Nothing especially outstanding happened today.

Except the usual.  Continuous talking (no joke) in maths.  There was a point in the lesson when the teacher shut up and just watched us talk.


And talk.

And talk.

It was funny as well, because she had to cough to get out attention.  Then we turned around.  Saw that everybody was looking at us and apologized.  LMAO!  It's reminding me of Media class back at Grimsby College all over again!

Then at the break I met up with Lewis.  Actually, more of a bumped into.

I didn't even notice him until he was beside me.  And it's been a long while since I've seen him.  I also jumped when he just suddenly appeared in front of me.

We continued to walk and walk.  Towards the refectory.  Finding no one though.


Phil & Hogger.  Note:  Phil is Lewis' older brother.

Hogger was getting something from the vending machine (an aero as you'll later see) and we were talking to Phil.  And just to ensure it's hilarity I'm going to write this in transcript format:


Phil:  So what you guys got next?

Me:  Tutor.

Lewis:  Maths.

Phil:  I see.  Kinda sucks doesn't it?  *Laughs inexplicably*

Me & Lewis:  Oi oi.  It's not funny.

Hogger:  *Suddenly does a 180 spin jump to face Phil* OMFG!  PHIL!  QUICK!  WE CAN GET ANOTHER AERO!  *Quickly does another 180 spin kick jump to face the vending machine*  HURRY!

Phil:  Oh yea!  Come on 2 Aeros!

<Phil places some money into the vending machine, presses buttons>

Phil:  Come on vending machine.  Work your magic!

<One aero drops out>

Phil:  Dammit!  So close.  It's hanging perilously of the edge!

Hogger:  I've got it.

<Leaps into Phil - who smashes into vending machine><Aerio wobbles>

Phil:  What'd you do that for-   ... *glances around the packed refectory*  Do it again.

<Hogger leaps with more force this time into Phil>



WJUK's Note:  At this point I was wishing - just to watch the comical situation that would have ensued - that the vending machine either:

A) The glass smashing.

B) The vending machine falling over.

C) Something happening to the vending machine making all the sweets fall out.

D) Phil and Hogger continuing to shake and bash the machine into oblivion.

E) The vending machine blowing up (in a 1m radius - bearing in mind I'm about a metre away).

To my general disdain, and pungent horror, none of this happened.  Obviously, I did not voice this.



<Aero finally falls down>

Hogger & Phil:  OH YEA!

Phil:  2 aeros for me.  2 aeros for me.  *Prances off while repeating that line*

Me & Lewis:  ...  *The look of blatant disbelief at what just happened (REMEMBER IT WAS A PACKED REFECTORY HALL)*

<About a minute pass of gawking>

Me:  *Turns toward Lewis*  We totally should have thought of that first.


Then we left.

Trust me.  It was a TON funnier in real life.  I was ROFLing all the way to tutor.  I also almost ran into a door because of that.  LOL

Anyway, that little stint pretty much sums up my day.

Oh and I saw this gorgeous trailer for Mario & Sonic at the Olympics and just had to post it.

I wonder if that's subject to change...?
What do I mean?
The name of course!  It's currently Mario & Sonic.  I wonder if Sega are alright playing second fiddle (name-wise) to Nintendo.  Well, I guess it can't be helped... it is Mario's own turf.
And plus, to think the first time these two gargantuan video game mascot giants clash will be in... a Olympic Sports game...
I wanted something better... something more... hardcore.  You know... along the lines of SSBB.  Oh wait.  That's still possible.
Another thing - this time actually regarding the video.  Sonic...  ok, let's see what Wikipedia has to say about this:

In-universe information

The Fastest Thing Alive



100 cm (3 ft 3 in)

35 kg (77 lb)


Running at supersonic speed, Chaos Control, various super transformations, Sonic Wind, Time Stop,Time Break,and Speed Break.

Ok, notice there it states: 'The Fastest Thing Alive'

Now, that name means Sonic should be the fastest thing alive right?  Wrong.  Apparently a fat little plumber wearing a blue overall can match his speed... and then there's Bowser and Dr. Eggman (or Robotik or whatever) who are at the far-sides.  Sure, they're lagging behind the most.  But not by a considerable margin, it's a 100m sprint and you'd think Sonic would trounce anyone in the video-game industry.  That obviously doesn't include little plumbers wearing blue overalls...

Maybe I'm just making too much of a deal out of this (which I probably am).

Ok, time for the story.  And I've got one thing to say:

Great minds think alike.

No, seriously.  You'd think that mine & Gavin's perceptions would be totally different regarding the future of the story.  But no, Gavin also has the idea of two giant Strogl.

And for an added bonus (which I didn't think of) he added that enlarging potion/vial thing.  Nice.

Anyway, I digress.  Enough babbling.  Onward to victory sure-win awesomeness.

In the end, that always fits best.


'Well, this isn't good.'  Gavin said to me.  Almost sarcastically over the microphone.

The cloud of grayish-looking smoke finally clears.  Revealing the entirety of the the two large entities stood before us.  They were about 1.5 times larger than the mechs and towered above us.  The looked like ordinary Strogl-

'OH SH*T.'  I hear which completely derails my train of thought, making it crash into an oblivion of flame and thoughts.  I look down and there's Gimely.  A tiny speck among the rubble.  Waving his arms about furiously.

'What's that idiot doing?'  I ask Gavin.

Gavin replies in a laughing fit: 'Beats me.'  A brief pause as he tries to calm himself down.  Fails.  'But it's hella funny!'

He's true y'know.  I was almost in a laughing fit myself.  If it weren't for the two little problems that stood in our way.

'HAHAHAHA!  Let's see how you deal with these!'  Lewis shouts out from his balcony.  Amazingly it remained intact; even after that huge earthquake caused by the giant Strogl; despite it's flimsy-looking structure.  I could see Lewis swinging the bottle around in his hands.  Using the conveniently placed hole near the neck of the vial to spin it around his finger.  He stopped.

And spun the vial one more time.  Making it look like he was holding a gun.


The Strogl burst forward at once.  Kicking up yet more dirt and smoke.  I lost Gimely as I struggled to block their attacks.

In the end, Gavin & I ended up back-to-back again.

'So, I guess it comes down to this does it?'  Gavin said.

I replied after blocking yet another attack from one of the Strogl.  Which were now dancing malevolently around us.

'Tch.  Yea it does.'  I block yet another shot aimed towards my mech's cockpit.  They seemed to get harder and faster each time.

'Let's do that.'


What's that?

I dunno.  But somehow you'll find out. 

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