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Thursday, 20 September 2007

Mr Quadratic

Yea, the title... it seems I'm getting crazier titles by the day.  Anyway, let me explain who 'Mr Quadratic' is.

First, like every super-awesome writer dude, I set the scene.  It's the last lesson of the college day, everyone is weary and tired and CBA to do anything.  And we're in a classroom... doing maths.

Funnily enough we were doing Quadratics.  And half way through the Quadratic exercises, Rob shouted: 'OMFG!  That's it.  I give up!'  And he also accompanied that with the trademark, throw arms up into the air in frustration thing.  It's was loud enough for us to hear it, but obviously it wasn't loud enough for the teacher to hear it (it seems only media teachers have super-sonic hearing).

We all laughed and I pwnd Rob by replying to his frustration: 'Obviously, you're taking the wrong course then.'  Him having no come-back just grunted disgruntly.  And for the next 10/15 minutes or so he just sat there doing nothing... that is nothing except drawing on his piece of paper.

I watched curiously, and after a while the teacher also noticed his subdued, non-mathematical antics.  She walked over to him - who was still concentrating on his works of art - and stood there looking at him from above.  The whole class started laughing and eventually Rob looked up to see the unhappy face of Sue (our maths teacher).  Who promptly snatched the paper he was drawing on.  Held in a laugh, and threw the piece of paper back down on the table.

And then I finally got to see what Rob was drawing.  It was a stick-man cartoon.  Actually, it looked along the lines of what Kris Wilson draws.

And under than ugly mug of a stick-man were these words: 'Mr Quadratic'

LMAO.  And you had to see the picture as well (sorry folks, I tried to obtain the coveted piece of paper but it ended up being screwed up and in the bin).

Later on Rob explained his idea for his comic.  And this is a rough list of what he said:

  • Mr Quadratic is the main hero of the comic
  • His arch-nemesis (because EVERY super-hero needs an arch-nemesis) is... Quartic Man! (And he said that so enthusiastically as well)
  • Quartic Man also has an army of surds.
  • To combat the endless army of surds... Mr Quadratic solves them!  (Oh how original) Using the power of mathematics!
  • Mr Quadratic also has a sword made up of e-numbers... at this point I question him and say that e-numbers technically have nothing to do with maths...  he didn't care.
  • Mr Quadratic also has a special move...  this is where the fun stopped.

As you can see, we get up to some crazy-ass stuff in our lessons.  I swear I'm influencing everyone at Franklin to unleash their dark side...

Well... whatever.  It seems like idle chit-chat day today; since I spent most of the day idly chit-chatting.

Great news from TGS (Tokyo Game Show).

I didn't start this blog too long ago, but if I did I'll have no doubt blogged about either one of the KH games.  They were f*cking awesome.  No, seriously.  The storyline and stuff were amazing.  Although I didn't play Chain of Memories on the GBA.

But nevermind all that now.  Because this very special news came out of TGS:

KH 385/2 Days.

What does the name mean?  I have no f*cking idea.  But it's a KH game, that's all that matters.  And, the game, in fact, just happens to be on the DS.  A PSP version and mobile version were also announced, but I don't have a PSP and mobile games generally suck anyway - and I don't play them.

I was a little distraught by the fact that they didn't announce a console version, that would have been really awesome.  Since, the console KH games are way better than the (so-far anyway) handheld counterparts.  But I guess we take what we're given.

Some info that has come out for it:

- TGS trailer starts with the line “The time of the other side.”

- Focus on Axel, Roxas, and Organization XIII.

- 4 player fighting was shown off using in-game graphics

- early in development (Game Informer called the graphics “ugly”)


Now, if it was anything like the console games it would rawk.  If it's like the GBA game... meh, I'll give it a try.  Since there is 4-player fighting.  That would be pretty frickin cool.

It's also been decided - after much confusing delegation and big words - that the trip to town will go ahead for tomorrow.  At 11:00, we're meeting in front of Grimsby College.  It's going to be Ashley, Gavin and me.

It was funny too.  Since Gavin thought I was coming yesterday, and I thought it was tomorrow.  So Gavin spent about half an hour waiting yesterday, even if it was the designated time I couldn't have made it since I had lessons.  I guess this is what happens when... er... communication breaks down... or something.

And I've also been tasked by my sister to pick up MySims for the Wii.  Originally I was going to pick up Super Paper Mario, but after some powerful persuasion (in the form of currency) I changed my mind.

What also helped in this mind-changing process was that apparently there's a glitch in the PAL version of the game.  That sucks.  It takes about 5 months to get here and in that time, instead of getting better... it gets worse.  Well, one bug worse.

So, it seems I'll be buying MySims tomorrow.

Moving swiftly on and it's finally the time for the next installment in the highly-popular, fun to make up story.

Now, the title.  Yes, the poll is progressing nicely.  Well, actually it isn't.  Since there is a three-way tie, between:

  • Junction Swords
  • Giant Ninja Psycho Robots
  • Initial Demon Siren One

Hm... that's not good.

So, vote now.  Your vote will make the difference and you will have helped in the making of a name of a story... or something like that.


I opened the cockpit and jumped out.  I saw Gavin do the same.  Despite the high drop, we landed unfazed.  Ready to fight.

I still couldn't see Gimely anywhere.  Where the hell is he?

'Haha!  I can't believe you actually did that!'  Lewis laughed, spitting out some spit in the process.

'Unlike someone, we have honor and pride.'  Gavin replied back, in a very hero-like way.  I nodded in agreement.

Lewis stopped laughing.  His face grew serious.  'Then your honor and pride will be your downfall.'  Lewis smirked.  The very smirk gave off a sense of evilness.  An evil so great, that it hasn't been rivaled by anything we've seen before.  And we've seen a bunch of stuff before.  What made the smirk worse was that Lewis used to be a friend.

I forced myself to not think as Lewis a a friend anymore.  But an enemy.  'Well, what are we waiting for?  Let's get this over with.'  I said, the chasm echoed my voice.  Like a distant memory it eventually disappeared.

'Hehe.  Not yet.'  Lewis smirked again - that same evil smirk.  He pointed towards our mechs.  'I told you your honor and pride will be your downfall.'  And instantly after Lewis finished a large amount of tentacles burst out from the walls and gripped the mechs.  In less than two seconds, the mechs were gone from sight.  Amidst all this, Lewis just kept on laughing and laughing.

Gavin clenched a fist.  'I won't forgive you!'  Gavin raised his clenched fist at Lewis.

'Oh?  Is that so?  Why can you lowly worms do against me?'

I stepped forward now.  'I'll tell you what us lowly worms can do.'  I did a little smirk of my own.  'KICK - YOUR - ASS!'

Lewis withdrew a small step from this comment.  It was hardly noticeable, but it was there.  Which means we can still instill fear into his heart.  He quickly regained his composure and spoke aloud:  'Is that so?'

'Uh-huh.'  I replied, lifting my foot to replicate a kicking of the ass.

Lewis smirked again.  And took a step back into the shadows.  The shadows now covered the upper half of his face.  He continued to smirk, with that diabolical mouth.

I heard a *plug* sound as if someone opened a champagne bottle.  And Lewis hands went up to his face.  Temporarily, I could only see his sleeve and the sound of drinking echoed throughout the place.  Rebounding off the walls, seeming endless.

Eventually, Lewis arm withdrew from his face.  And he threw the thing he was drinking in front of him.  It broke into three pieces when it hit the ground.

That is!


What is it?

Find out next time.


Mike Baker The Love Maker said...

Hey, just read through a few of your blogs, nice work man ;)

I really recommended that you read my latest, and please show Daisy if she hasn't already seen it (She's blocked most of us, can't show her)


WJUK said...

Thanks man.

Will do.


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