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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Party on Friday!

That's right in 2 days it'll be Kate's birthday party. Everything has been set up and times have been set (albeit pushed back since Gavin didn't think 45 minutes is enough to get ready... seriously, 45 MINS! That's more than enough for me). Anyway, I believe Kate's birthday is actually Thursday (27th September) but one day doesn't matter.

She also wants me to get her a card... great. Where the hell am I suppose to get a card? Hm... *ponders*

Oh and Kate has given a suggestion to be the title of the story:

'The Never-Ending Action/Adventure Story'

Interesting... it certainly is original...

Although it bares quite a lot of resemblance to a title I've seen before... *cough* *cough*

I think it lacks a certain oomph the other titles in the poll have but it actually relates to the story... somewhat. Maybe if I throw in some more words...

*Runs off*

~Nothing happens (5 minutes pass) ~

*Runs back*

Here's the revised addition:

'The Never-Ending Awesome Action Adventure Ultimate Devil Ninja Assassins Operative Samurai Captain Gladiator Express Mecha-Knights Ragnarok Trans-Dimensional Warrior Demon Legions Gaiden Fatality Saga.'

Well, what do you think? By the way, this was the revised edition. I thought the title before this one was way to long. No, I mean waaaaayyyy too long. Anyway, the title can be shortened too:

'TNEAAAUDNAOSCGEM-KRT-DWDLGFS' for short. Nice, right?



Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival Day. Although... I'm lacking a festival here. I actually totally forgot until my dad's brother told me. Strange.

Anyway, it's pretty awesome so... enjoy it.


Speaking of festivals... I'm sure I've forgotten a really important festival...


I cannot believe I forgot this festival. Damn. Well; later is better than nothing so:

'Ahoy, 'me hearties! Ye go'dam land-lubbers...' - Just doesn't give the same kick when it's not the right day.

But in hindsight I should have remembered that September 19th was 'Talk like a Pirate Day.' *sigh* Better luck next year I guess.

But I'm definately not forgetting December 5th! That's one of the most important days of the year! Almost as important as XMas (It would be more important if we also receive presents on this day). You know what this day is, right?

You don't? OMFG, get out of my sight. You disgrace me and you dishonored your family.

Ok, joking. But seriously, be ashamed of yourself. Everyone knows December 5th is:


If you forget that you deserve a good beating. Hopefully, I'll remember it too. It's been circled on the calendar and everything. December 5th, here I come!

Pictured to the right: Ryu Hayabusa. Arguably the best ninja of all time. Arguably, anyway.

You know the drill.

Wait for Gavin's next installment first.

Some news on the poll. Junction Swords is still in the lead with...

2 votes.

Oh come on. Seriously now!

Giant... Ninja... Psycho... Robots. How can you not like that name?!

Giant. Good.

Ninja. Awesome.

Phycho. Er... good (to an extent) as long as I don't get hurt or end up dead.

Robots. GOOD!

See, after a full breakdown analysis like that it shows that GNPR is awesome. End of story.

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