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Thursday, 6 September 2007

Early Mornings = Grouchy Me

Yes, above is the formula to get me grouchy - and tired. It's not the exact formula (there's stuff like the sub-atomic relay, neuron sensor issues, seismic headache etc.) but it's the striped-down version.

I was woken up at 8:30, yes 8:30 today. As many of you know, over the holidays I adapt my sleep style to night. Meaning I slowly turn nocturnal. And whenever I can, I sleep to about 1 PM. But there are times when I sleep to 3 PM. It's awesome to be able to do that and all but it really messes up my whole system when:

  • I am woken up early (that's in the region of... anytime before 12)
  • School/College starts

And both are these are happening! I was woken up at 8:30 for no f***ing reason. Seriously, I was.

We were meant to go to Lincoln and stuff, and we did. But why the hell need it be so early?! We spent about an hour or so just sitting at my uncle's house watching TV and messing around with my cousins. AN HOUR I COULD HAVE SPENT SLEEPING. Damn. Grouchiness... starting... to... take over...

To add insult to injury, I have college tomorrow. WHICH STARTS AT 10:00 (it says so on the 'IMPORTANT ENROLLMENT INFORMATION' sheet). Which means I have to get up before then, although I live close so it's only a 5 minute walk. :)

I know I shouldn't whine, seeing as almost everyone else has already started school. Oh wait, Wintringham Oasis Academy hasn't yet - great. It's just introductory day tomorrow and college official starts on Monday. I have no idea what introductory day is for, but they've sorted us into surname groups. I'm in group 'G to M' - which means I'll be in a group with Leeman.


Wait a second! Lewis Gray. G... Hey, that means Lewis is also in our group. Sweet. Now, who else...?

To be honest, I have no idea who else is in our group but it doesn't really matter I guess.

Not much else has happened to me today that is worth a note.

Oh, and just another quick reminder to check out some of the blogs on the BlogRoll. Although some blogs *ahem* have just plain died; Mike is still updating his regularly. Which is a good rejuvenating sign for my little BlogRoll.

Link here: Mike's Blog

He touched on something today that I was going to blog about but totally forgot.

I've got nothing against iPods, I just don't particularly like them. They're ok, I guess. If someone gave me one I would use it but I wouldn't go out to buy one. That includes the latest generation ones:

Now, I cannot argue about what it says on the screen, since it is so true. But to me it just looks like the last-generation iPods... just fatter.

I'm not going to go on and on ranting about this, but I sure as hell can... er... stop. I can't deny the iPod's success but I can deny myself to buy one.

Also, while browsing the amazing interweb with my 1337 computer. I came across a very interesting story...

That my friends is the Nokia version of the iPhone. It's pretty much a BLATANT RIP-OFF.

The whole story on Engadget is here.

Check out the video, it proves it is a blatant rip-off. Touch screen controls, I've never seen that before on a phone.

Now it's time for the next progressional, breath-taking episode of the story that has still yet to have any name.


'One-on-one? Hm... like me think about that...' I make a thinking gesture -with the full works (scratching head, tapping foot & other hand on chin). 'No.'

'NO?! Why no? Where's your honour? Your dignity?' Gurmido spurted. And, I mean, he literally spurted. I asked for the news not for the weather.

'Yea, those things are nice and all. But I don't have time for them. For you see, I have friends.' I said mockingly. I could hear Gavin & Gimely with-holding their gut-bursting laughter.

Gurmido didn't look happy, although I was unsure if he looked like that all the time. 'Very well. Then I guess I'll have to call in some reinforcements.'

And with that the corridor expanded. It blew out of proportion, we were perfectly fine though. The walls turned white. And soon they disappeared into nothing.

'WTF?' The three of us said together.

But more WTFing was to come. Gurmido multiplied.

Like something out of a horrible fan-fic their were millions of him.

Gimely managed to mutter: 'Oh dear god...'

'HAHAHAHA! Now, do you see my power?!' Gurmido (actually, the Gurmidos) said, it resonated of the walls so it was hard to tell who said it. It continued to echo for about 5 seconds, and like a gun shot the Gurmidos were among us.

We drew swiftly, taking out at least 10 each in our first attack. Being packed together so closely meant that we could take out many of them in one strike.

Once struck the Gurmidos disappeared into thin air. 'WTF?' I asked again. The other two were similarly pondering this question.

They stopped attack. 'HAHAHAHA! Yes! These are illusions! They simply disappear when hit... but when they strike you... YOU DIE!'

'Typical villain. Revealing plans to the heroes so nonchantly.' I was beginning to understand now. One of them were real. All the others weren't. 'Guys, I have an idea. Launch me.'

'Eh? Launch?'


Launch? Where? How? WTF is going on?

EDIT: Oh and I totally forgot. We are heading towards the big 5k hits on this blog. Which is good to see, although many websites probably get that many hits in a day...

But anyway, the blog is coming on nicely. Thank you for everyone's continued support.

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