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Sunday, 2 September 2007

hormones, "harmonious" and tiny purple dots.

Hormones are horrible.

They put you on a serious edge and anything can throw you off - from being told off, annoying adverts (mostly Sheila's Wheels or the LVE ones tend to rile me up) or even someone saying the wrong thing (eg. 'that spot is massive'). It is true that they coincide with "women's problems" (please, you should know what I mean by saying that phrase. If you want full details, consult Wikipedia, I am trying to spare your lunch) for girls.
When we're shouting at you around such times, it usually is the hormones talking and we won't mean a word (well.. some of it, you might actually be an ignorant son of a bitch, or similar). But yeah, you sometimes just feel like baiting people by making them say the wrong thing just so you can get rid of the anger that you're full of. Or, if you're not angry, re-read (Deathly Hallows spoiler*, highlight if you care to read it ) Fred's death or by watching The Notebook, that usually sets me off for a good ole' cry (..the DH bit was a joke by the way.)

Okay, so that wasn't quite as informative as the previous, but all you really need to know is to avoid (or tread carefully around) the hormonious until it has passed and they're back to their 'normal' self. It is honestly like a time bomb. And we all know what happens when they explode.


It's been an excruciatingly dull week (besides shopping) and not really an ideal summer holiday. My family have been seriously bitchy towards me or making remarks about my lack of employment, so keeping a hold of my placid demeanor has been as difficult as tight rope walking blindfolded. with one foot. ...that's well oiled. It can be quite sad when every single member of your household isn't talking to you, or if you get too close they lecture you. *cue Akon - 'Lonely'*
I was supposed to be going to Laura's house today too, but they cooked dinner far too late so I couldn't go. I feel rather bad about that because she's starting college tomorrow and there's no doubt she'll be rather nervous and stuff. So, if you're reading this, I'm sorry Laura and I know you'll do great tomorrow.


And finally, the tiny purple dots.
Yesterday, I was pretty ill and was sick before taking a nap (which is something I don't usually do but it was the only way I'd stop feeling so horrible). I woke up several hours later when my family came home and saw in the mirror there were little purple dots around my eyes, like mosquitoes had gone crazy or something. But after complaining that it looks horrible and being down right dramatic (..and doing my research) I've found out that it is some form of Petechia which you can get from heaves and stuff when you vomit.. well, by not getting enough air into the blood stream when you're sick. Lovely.

So that's me, looking like I have the first signs of the black death.

And on a last note, I've been listening to a lot of Radiohead as of late, so my song recommendation is Radiohead - High and Dry. How lovely :)

:) G'night.

* ..I'm just being kind to any weirdo fans who haven't read the book and don't want to know, dammit!

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