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Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Coming up with titles is kinda hard sometimes

Anyways on with the story which we still need feedback on. Oh and we also need a name, any suggestions E-mail WJUK

The fight had started.

As soon as WJUK told us his plan Gimely jumped straight into battle eager to try out his new Fuzz-saber.

WJUK ran straight into the crowd of Strogl, killing several in a few swings of his swords.

I was soon surrounded with Strogl.

They were everywhere

I couldn't see Gimely or WJUK, all I knew was I had to fight my way out of this danger.

Hundreds rushed at me, the Strogl seemed to be weaker then the ones we had fought before.

Maybe Lewis didn't want to kill us, maybe just injury us enough to capture and make us join him, although that would never happen.

The endless attack from the Strogl was starting to take its toll on me, I was breathing heavy.

But they still attacking.

I appear to be in abit of trouble

I wonder how WJUK and Gimely are doing?

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