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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The Strogl seeks revenge!

WJUK and Gimely were holding their ground with very little trouble.

'Lets get started straight away shall we you piece of scum' The Strogl hissed as he drew his Claymore, 'They call Misido Captain Red Force Captain of the Guard, I'm also known as Misido the Mighty'

'I go by the name Gavin, also known as Gav' I said mocking the Strogl although I wasn't sure he knew that I was mocking him.

'Very well,' He replied 'You're going to fight with two blades, when I'm only weilding one, alittle unfair don't you think?'

'True, but since when has a battle been fair?' I said in the process of dashing towards him.

Misido gentlely moved his hand and swatted me away as if I was some sort of fly.

'HA! I must admit you are light on your feet but will you be able to handle my power' Misido yelled

He ran towards me. His speed was terrible, I could of dodged his attack easyily but I wanted to know if i could block his attack.

He swung his Claymore right above his head, and swung down with incredible force, I managed to block it but the force of the attack sent shockwaves down my arms.

'So, is that all the one named mighty can do, this fight seems to be easier then I thought'

'Don't underestimate me!' Misido yelled, he pushed down harder with his Claymore, his power doubled, maybe even tripled, the sheer force pushed me back atleast 15 feet. The ground underneath the attack was wrecked.

Misido pulled his sword out of the ground laughing 'Well, maybe I might have to prove you wrong, but before I kill you, tell me what has happened to Yogudima?'

'I dunor, he might be dead. What has it got to do with you?' I said whilst still recovering from the attack.

'He was vice-captain of my team, my most trusted solider. I will avenge his death' Misido yelled, 'You are very lucky, you might be the first human to see my true power.'

Misido dashed towards his speed had increased slightly, I was still faster.

I dodged his attack and saw WJUK breathing deeply out the corner of my eye, 'Finish it already Gavin!' He yelled. I nodded.

'How about we finish this now?' I asked '1 more attack at full strength will do it'

'Fine' Misido hissed.

I threw away one of my swords as two swords slowed me down alittle bit.

We both dashed at each other, I was aiming for the head, Misido was aiming to destroy my body.

I heard a thud, I turned to see if Misido had fallen.

He was on the floor, head removed from the body. I stumbled over to WJUK 'You know, we should give ourselfs titles like that.'

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