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Saturday, 8 September 2007

The Fuzz-Saber

Gimely and I had just got over the laughing fit we had after hearing about the fuzz-saber by this time WJUK and Gurmido were locked in combat.

Gurmido had the edge in the fight, maybe because he wasn't using an ordinary sword.

Gurmido jumped back a few feet 'Haha, you are no match for my Fuzz-saber'

The Conversation carried but Gimely decided to take advantage of this moment.

'Launch me as hard as you can towards him' He whispered

I nodded

Gimely was sent straight towards Gurmido, Gimely was like a rocket.

Gurmido had notice him and blocked the attack with ease.

'Haha, this is too easy' Gurmido laughed, he was mocking us.

I broke into a run towards him.

He turned towards me and pointed the Fuzz-saber at me, and fired a lazer beam.

I only just managed to block it.

'It fires lazer aswell' I said in shock

'Yes, The Fuzz-saber is the best sword ever created, after I beat you two and that little penguin of yours am going to finish my plans to supply every Strogl with one.'

'WJUK, any ideas?' I said

'Hmm, Maybe' He replied 'Without me you to would easy be dead' he laughed

'We know' I laughed 'What's the idea you have got?'

Yay, once again we depend on WJUK to come up with a plan.

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