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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Finally some action.

The fight between Lewis and Us was raging on.

Lewis had the Advantage as the potion kept changing his body so we had to keep changing our plan tactics.

First of all we tried slicing his legs off while his arms were huge.
Second we tried attack his body when his legs were huge.

But both were hopeless, maybe Lewis prediction was right.

His legs shrunk and his arms once again popped out and great huge.

Straight away he starting swinging his arms around trying to squash us, but as always our speed increased our chances of not getting hit.

WJUK just narrowly dodged one of Lewis gaint hand pounds and straight away had to jump to dodge another attack, WJUK was inches away to get squashed inbetween Lewis's big hands just like a Bug.

WJUK and I retreated a bit and a quick conversation started.

'It seems like his arms are shorter then before' WJUK panted.

'Yeah, maybe the potion is wearing off' I said.

'Hmm, that gives me an idea' WJUK said

What is WJUK idea? Find out later.

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